You'll Love the Huge Harvests You'll Get From the World’s Best-Producing Bloom Fertilizer

It took us five years, 23 formulas and hundreds of test gardens to create Connoisseur- an historic product for the hydroponics and gardening industry.

Connoisseur is the most modern, ultra-premium, liquid two-part bloom fertilizer ever made. If you grow fruit, vegetables, flowers and other crops, Connoisseur is guaranteed to revolutionize the way you do business.

Using Connoisseur, you’ll see flowers larger, prettier, more colorful and fragrant than have ever been grown before. Ears of corn so big they could each feed an entire family. Ripe, juicy, delicious, nutritious apples, pears, peaches, cherries, melons and other fruit weighing down your trees’ branches until they are almost ready to snap.

It’s not hard to use Connoisseur- it’s just hard to lift the very heavy weight of the huge harvests you’re guaranteed to get when you feed our unique, liquid two-part formula to your grateful plants and trees.

When you purchase Connoisseur, you’ll notice it costs more than any other two-part bloom fertilizer. That’s because it contains rare ingredients and costs way more to make, and because it makes your plants and trees produce bigger and better so you get more of what you’re gardening for.

Get Connoisseur right now so you can participate in agricultural history. The gardening world will never be the same now that our ultra-premium, yield-boosting formula is finally available!

We are so confident in Connoisseur, we've put our names on it!

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