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What Can You include in a Foliar Spray for a Hydroponic System?

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If you want to try an easy and simple way to get the most from you plants, you really can't go wrong with a good foliar spray. But what exactly goes into a foliar spray? Typically it is the same kind of essential nutrients that you would find in a reservoir. But if you want the get the full benefits, you should also consider what kind of additives and supplements you want to add to your foliar spray. Balancing the right kind of nutrients and organic material ensures that you are getting the absolute most benefit from your nutrient solution. Here are few things people typically put their foliar spray to enjoy the most advantages from this advanced feeding techniques.

Beneficial Bacteria If your plants are grow are just too sterile for their own good, you just probably invest in a hydroponic product that contains beneficial bacteria. These kinds of bacteria can "fix" atmospheric nitrogen so that it can be absorbed more easily for your plant, increase overall nutrient uptake, and ward off any harmful bacteria. Most people only use it in their primary nutrient solution, but it works well when added to a foliar spray as well. It will enhance the nutrients by making them more easily absorbed by the leaves.

It can also make the foliar feeding process much safer. By introducing all that extra moisture to your plants, you may risk encouraging the formation of harmful fungi. The presence of symbiotic bacteria can head this off by making conditions for these fungi less favorable.

Plant Boosters - Plant boosters aren't just useful for your reservoir; they can also be fantastically beneficial for use in your foliar spray. Most plant boosters contain one more or more B vitamins that can help encourage. Unfortunately, if your plants are only receiving these vitamins through their root zone, they may not be absorbing these helpful vitamins to their full potential. Adding them to your foliar spray helps increase the odds to completely optimum uptake, and bigger yields once it comes time to harvest.

Fish and Kelp - If you are looking for a more organic foliar spray, you can't go wrong with either a fish or a kelp based fertilizer. Many organic hydroponic products offer a combination of these two fertilizers in single product.

Humic Acid - Humic acid is often added to foliar sprays to increase uptake. It is able to turn nutrients that otherwise cannot be absorbed the plant into forms that are more bio available. It can even improve vitamin uptake, which makes it ideally suited for use with a B vitamin plant booster.

To get the most benefit from your foliar spray, you need to use it when the stomata, or pores on your leaves, are open. They are usually more open when the temperatures are a bit cooler in your grow room. You should also try alternating different foliar sprays on different days, so you plants can enjoy the benefits that come with each.

Hydroponics Nutrients
B-52 Vitamin
Bud Factor X
Bud Ignitor
pH Perfect® Grow, Micro, Bloom
pH Perfect® Sensi Bloom 2-Part
pH Perfect® Sensi Grow 2-Part
pH Perfect® Connoisseur

Advanced Nutrients Organics®

Ancient Earth
Grandma Enggy's F-1
Grandma Enggy's H-2
Iguana Juice
Mother Earth Super Tea
Organic B1 Vitamin
Wet Betty

Bloom Enhancers

Big Bud Bloom Booster
Bud Blood Bloom Stimulator
Bud Candy
Flawless Finish (Final Phase)
Kushie Kush
Revive Crop Protection
Voodoo Juice Root Booster

Cloning, Rooting, Germination & Transplanting

Piranha Beneficial Fungi
Rhino Skin
Tarantula Beneficial Bacteria

Grow Gear

BaddAss Ballasts® - Low      Frequency
BaddAss Blades
BaddAss Blower®
BaddAss Red Diamond Bulb®      600 Watt HPS
BaddAss Blue Diamond Bulb®      600 Watt MH
BaddAss Red Diamond Bulb®      1000 Watt HPS
BaddAss Blue Diamond Bulb®      1000 Watt MH
Custom 1000W HID Hood
Magnetic Ballast - 600w
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Root Shooters®
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UNO Reflector


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