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Important note: We have improved our formulation for IGUANA GROW AND BLOOM to help you increase your yields at a lower cost to you. The previous application rate was 15mL / L and has now been reformulated for 3.5mL / L. The nutrient calculator has been changed to reflect the reformulated application rate. Please check your bottle to determine which formula you have.

Jump Start: Extensive research has proven that Jump Start works extremely well as a root zone application on rooted clones. The nutrient calculator has been changed to reflect this application. The application rate on the label is for foliar spray only.

What is EC: EC stands for "Electrical Conductivity" and gives a measure of how strong a nutrient solution is. Mineral nutrients become dissolved in water because they carry either a negative (-) or positive (+) charge. These charged nutrients are called ions and can conduct a small electrical current which is proportional to their concentration.

This current of ions is what EC sensors detect, ranging from 0.0 mS/meter in distilled water to 1.6 mS/meter for strong nutrient solutions. Sometimes EC is given in units of uS/cm, so in this case 1.6mS/meter is displayed 1600 uS/cm.

To translate ppm into EC Advanced Nutrients uses a conversion factor of 700 (ppm/mS/m); simply divide the ppm value by 700 to convert ppm to EC.

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