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Everyone knows that you can't get awe-inspiring harvests without giving your plants the light they need to speed through vegetation and bloom into big, juicy, potent buds...

But here's something you may not be aware of!

Grand Master Growers Who Win Awards For Their Harvests Are Keeping A Secret From You.

That secret is great lighting and a balanced uniform footprint...

Here's 3 Big Reasons why you're guaranteed to get bigger yields... more colorful, better tasting, smelling buds... and... save money with these serious shades for serious growers:

  • Big Reason 1:

    You get maximum output and uniform intensity!

    Because the MelonHead® shades include a tempered glass tube and utilize a highly reflective European aluminum interior - you get more intense, more even lighting for all your plants.

    That means less "hot spots" and no more neglected plant leaves because you'll be flooding every part of your plants with growthpotentiating high-intensity lighting!

  • Big Reason 2:

    You'll keep your grow room cooler - easier! Because the MelonHead shades allow for maximum air-cooling with built-in 8" fittings, you'll be able to pump in serious amounts of cooling air so your grow room stays just the right temperature.

    Plus, the shades are completely sealed with a heavy duty gasket that keeps the MelonHead airtight. So you waste less electricity... save more money on cooling... and... maintain a healthier environment for your precious plants more easily than ever.

  • Big Reason 3:

    You get the highest quality, most durable, and longest-lasting shades possible!

    Because you demand the best out of your crops - you're simultaneously demanding the best out of your grow room equipment. That means you need industrial strength, high-quality equipment and you'll get more than you need with the MelonHead shades.

    The shades are coated with a tough white powder finish, so they'll stand up to bangs and bumps and stay looking newer, longer.

    In addition, no expenses were spared when it came to the quality of the airtight structure... the heavy-duty construction materials... and... the craftsmanship that was demanded to put them all together.

Plus, because of the incredibly strong structure of the MelonHead shades, they'll last longer than ever - that means more money in your pocket over the long-run!

What you'll find is that the MelonHead shades are absolutely the most durable, most easy-to-use, and most effective lighting shades you'll ever experience. In fact, Advanced Nutrients guarantees it 100%.


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Shades include a tempered glass tube and utilize a highly reflective European aluminum interior

Less "hot spots" and no more neglected plant leaves

Built-in 8" fittings means more air flow and cooler rooms

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