If you've been using General Hydroponics Flora series fertilizers, read this NOW...

General Hydroponics Flora
Grow-Micro-Bloom Growers:
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f you've been using General Hydroponics Flora Grow-Micro-Bloom... then... here's how you can now save a HUGE 40% the very next time you visit your local hydroponics store...

Please review the pictures on this page. You should find this very interesting...

Look closely at these product labels... You'll notice they both have the same listed ingredients,
but one is MUCH more expensive.


*Distributor Published Retail Price
Just take a look at the difference in price between these IDENTICAL products.
Jungle Juice™ Grow-Micro-Bloom offers the same benefits and listed ingredients for a fraction of the published price.


TRUTH About The Typical 3-Part Fertilizer On The Market (Including our Jungle Juice™ Grow-Micro-Bloom)...

There's really no easy way to put this so I'm just going to come right out and say it. The product you see on the left is overpriced, plain and simple. The fact is, neither Jungle Juice Grow-Micro-Bloom™ nor General Hydroponics Flora Grow-Micro-Bloom are exactly what your high-value plants need. Here's what these products are NOT...

  • Will not balance your pH automatically like pH Perfect.
  • Will not protect your crops against poor yields caused by low or high pH levels.
  • Not all micro-nutrients in the typical 3-part fertilizers are chelated.
  • Cations and anions are not properly balanced for our specialized crops.
  • Have the wrong ratios of macro secondary and micro nutrients for your plants.

And yet General Hydroponics still wants to charge a price reflecting that standard of quality and investment.

You see, because of its enormous reputation, General Hydroponics has been thriving in an industry that hasn't really been able to offer a viable alternative. Until now, that is. Not only does the product on the left not reflect the true value of its components, but also, the product itself doesn't really offer the high quality standards that we at Advanced Nutrients know you expect and deserve.

Let me tell you what I mean...


Are You REALLY Getting What You're Paying
For With General Hydroponics?

We tested the Flora series and even though we expected to find some inconsistency, what we discovered was SHOCKING.

General Hydroponics’ fertilizer shows huge variations from batch to batch! We’re professional growers, just like you, and we believe this is inexcusable. As growers of high value plants, you and I both know what a huge part consistency plays in guaranteeing our yields and product quality. And from a company as well established as General Hydroponics, you would expect a much higher standard of quality, right? And that’s not even the worst part …

Because of the inconsistency from batch to batch, it is evident that during the mixing process General Hydroponics does not measure their ingredients carefully.

In contrast, instead of dumping bags of ingredients into mixing our products (which can lead to variations in formulas due to differences in weight from bag to bag) we hand-weigh everything because it is much more accurate (even though it takes MUCH more time and effort).

What’s more, General Hydroponics farms out the production of at least some of their products. On the other hand at Advanced Nutrients we know that the best way to ensure high quality products is to produce them in house.

In fact, one of the cofounders of Advanced Nutrients, Michael "Big Mike" Straumietis, was sitting down with David Solotky "The Second In Command" at General Hydroponics along with their marketing director Christina—the owner’s daughter—discussing what’s been going on in the industry. All of a sudden, Dave turns to Mike and says,

"So, your Iguana Juice™... That's one great product... We wish our organic fertilizers were that good... Do you make it yourself?"

That’s when it really hit Big Mike. He realized General Hydroponics doesn’t make a lot of their own products!

"You don't manufacture that yourself?" He asked.
"No," Dave replied, "we outsource a lot of our products."

This just blew Big Mike’s mind because the people they outsource to are not even a hydroponics company, just manufacturers that have the capabilities to make these products. They don’t know anything about the specifics of hydro growing or the specific needs of our industry.


  Watch A Recent Video  
Of The General Hydroponics Production Facility

Another sad truth is when you outsource like this, it seriously decreases a company’s ability to control the quality of its merchandise. And product quality is one of the BIGGEST factors in our industry of specialized growing!


What Does High Quality Look Like?

One great thing about Advanced Nutrients is that our company manufactures 100% of our products, including our beneficial bacteria and fungi. In fact, we're the only company with these capabilities.

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Jungle Juice™ Nutrient Special Here

And that's not the only thing that makes AN Jungle Juice a superior product. We have a whole host of quality standards that set us apart from the competition...


Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Advanced Nutrients uses a reverse osmosis water treatment system. This provides not only what is considered "Ultra Pure" water, (the same water that Coca-Cola© and Red Bull© use for their products) but gives us a unique scientific advantage for hydroponic nutrients – a steady control point. Our R/O water is laboratory grade, as well as 99.999999% free of all bacteria due to the UV light treatment that is part of our reverse osmosis process. We use the same pure water every day, hour, minute, etc. This means the scientific tests we perform on our nutrients are indeed scientific, and the consistency of our product is very real – the variables are known and controlled. There are a surprising number of hydroponics companies that use tap water for their product development. This is a problem not only because of its low-quality and potential safety hazards for the end user, but because the quality of tap water fluctuates all the time.


Optimum Water Temperature

Our scientists are obsessive. Many of them have more than one Ph.D. And they are always on the lookout for new variables to test. One of Advanced Nutrients'™ secret weapons (another proprietary secret that can't be shared in an advertisement) is the water temperature we use to develop our products. It turns out, the specific temperature of the water can profoundly influence the solubility of the ingredients. When you mix a jug of Kool-Aid for example, if you use cold water, you'll find more sediment at the bottom of the glass. When you get the temperature just right, you'll notice much less sediment as well as a tastier brew. All Advanced Nutrients products have a specific temperature dialed in to mix with, which means your plants will get the full benefit of the product from every last drop.


Highest Grade Ingredients

Advanced Nutrients uses pharmaceutical and technical grade raw materials to make our products... AND... we run tests multiple times each year to test for heavy metals and maintain the highest purity levels. What that means is that the raw materials sourced for our ingredients must meet a standard of purity and quality that is the highest presently achievable. This applies not only to the raw material as it appears in nature or in the lab, but to how its handled at every step along the way... from its original source, right to your bottle of Jungle Juice™ you buy in the store. Feed-Grade ingredients, by contrast, can be up to a 50/50 split of purity (even worse in some cases). That means half of the product may be a complete waste (and may pose a danger to you or your plants!). Pharmaceutical grade materials, like we use here at Advanced Nutrients, approach total purity so that... practically speaking, every milliliter of product you use is having its intended effect on the plants, each and every time. Also, it's guaranteed to be safe for your plant and more importantly, for your consumption.



Tissue Sample Testing That Can Exceed 4 Years
For A Specific Product Or Ingredient

We have developed a base level of quality checks for every ingredient and product we put onto the market. This includes plant tissue samples taken from groups of growers using a specific product under highly controlled scientific experiments. (That is to say, changing SINGLE variables at a time and recording the results). You could say that Advanced Nutrients™ is the only hydroponics company with years of data collected on plant specific test sites. On average, the minimum amount of time we've taken to develop a product ready for the market is 2 years of consistent testing. It can take longer than 4 years before we're satisfied.


Global Quality Control Measured
To The Hundredth Of A Gram

Another advantage of buying Advanced Nutrients™ is quality control. There are many companies that will put out different products regionally. And by that I mean the cereal you buy in California, for example, may not be the exact same cereal in Abbotsford, Canada (even though it comes in the same box, with the same label). The reason is that local materials are used to produce the product. And the grain in California might be different than the grain used in Canada. Not so with Advanced Nutrients™. Each of our products is produced, at every location on the globe, using the exact same process and ingredients. They are also produced in small, handpicked batches, by qualified professionals, to ensure the highest quality standards. The Jungle Juice™ you buy in California is the exact same Jungle Juice™ you'd buy in Europe. And each ingredient in every product is hand-measured to be identical down to the hundredth of the gram (0.01g) to ensure maximum performance and more consistent results every time you use it.


Why You May Be Paying MORE
Than Other Growers For Flora Fertilizers...

We sincerely believe that, given the facts we've listed so far, the price General Hydroponics is asking for its Flora fertilizer just isn't fair. Not only are many of their products overpriced, but also, the inconsistency of prices from one region to another are astronomical! (Just imagine that someone in another city or state is paying significantly less than you are for the same simple fertilizer...)

This is unforgivable when there is so much technology and knowledge at their disposal that they could use to increase the value of their product.

Unfortunately, because they've been around so long, General Hydroponics enjoys a certain amount of loyalty from their customers that they may not necessarily deserve.

But now, all that is about to change...


The Answer Is Advanced Nutrients' JUNGLE JUICE™!

We developed this simple formula to be EXACTLY like General Hydroponics Flora Grow-Micro-Bloom line... only better because... of the higher standard of quality, manufacturing, and consistency.


Watch Remo and BigMike Talk About Jungle Juice™ In Spain

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Watch Remo catch up with BigMike In Spain as they talk about the new Jungle Juice™ Grow-Micro-Bloom
formula that costs 40% less than General Hydroponics Flora Grow-Micro-Bloom line.


In the chart above, you can clearly see the elemental deficiencies found in General Hydroponics Grow-Micro-Bloom as tested by a third party lab (A&L Western Lab, California) under stringent guidelines by the Association of Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO).

In fact, nearly every bottle (75%) showed the elements analyzed either did not meet or exceeded the amounts listed and EVERY bottle has a significant elemental deficiency between what is listed on the label and what is present in the bottle. (In some cases, the deviation is over 100%!)

Please Note: N/A means Not Analyzed. This does not mean it is not present, simply that the analysis was not conducted on that particular ion. Not detected means that the element was not detected or is present below "cut off" values for that analysis, while the Induction Plasma machine in most cases can pick up contaminants in the order of 0.1 PPM (0.00001%.)


Here's Why We Can Afford To Give You Jungle Juice™
For 40% Less Than General Hydroponics Flora Grow-Micro-Bloom!
(Even Though Jungle Juice™ Is Higher-Quality)...

Even though we know we've produced the best three-part fertilizer formula in the high value hydroponics industry, we still want the price of our product to reflect the true value of Grow-Micro-Bloom from General Hydroponics as well as the rest of the competition.

That's why we decided to offer JUNGLE JUICE™ for 40% LESS than what you would normally pay for General Hydroponics' Flora Grow-Micro-Bloom. So you get a higher quality, more consistent product at nearly half the price!

You're probably wondering why, or even how, we can sell our product for 40% less than General Hydroponics Grow-Micro-Bloom. And it's actually really simple.

Look how much more you're paying for this standard three-part fertilizer (we could never, with clear conscious, ask this much for Jungle Juice)...
When you can invest the same amount in our premium pH Perfect line that balances your pH automatically and keeps it in the "Sweet Spot" for your plants optimum growth.


  Download the General Hydroponics™  
Flora Gro-Micro-Bloom VS Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow-Micro-Bloom Comparison PDF

You’re probably wondering why, or even how, we can sell our product for 40% less than General Hydroponics Gro-Micro-Bloom. And it’s actually really simple.

If you look at the pictures above, you'll see that General Hydroponics' Flora Grow-Micro-Bloom is the exact same price as our current high-end Grow-Micro-Bloom that is pH Perfect AND...

  • WILL balance your pH automatically with pH Perfect.
  • WILL protect your crops against poor yields caused by low or high pH levels.
  • IS fully chelated.
  • Cations and anions are properly balanced for our specialized crops.
  • Has the proper ratios of macro secondary and micronutrients for your plants.

All the things Jungle Juice™ and General Hydroponics Flora Grow-Micro-Bloom WONT do.

You see, both Jungle Juice™ and General Hydroponics Flora Grow-Micro-Bloom are basic products. The real difference is that Jungle Juice has higher quality manufacturing, gives you more consistent results, and reflects a fair price for the benefits it delivers. There's just no way we could sell this product for the same price as our pH perfect Grow-Micro-Bloom.



You're Guaranteed To Get Great Growth and Yields
While You Save Money, With JUNGLE JUICE™!

Advanced Nutrients is so serious about the Jungle Juice™ formula, that they're offering a full-money back guarantee of satisfaction. Here it is, in the founder's own words:

NONE of our competitors will offer you a guarantee like this!


Here's What You Need To Do Next,
To Put This Breakthrough To Work For You...

You've seen how you're paying 40% MORE than you should for General Hydroponics Flora Grow-Micro-Bloom...

You've seen the undeniable proof showing this product is not giving you the value and quality you demand as an expert in your field...

You know the critical importance of using only the highest-quality fertilizers and nutrients with your valuable garden...

You've also discovered why Jungle Juice™ truly meets and EXCEEDS the strictest demands of general hydroponics growers everywhere in quality, performance and consistency from harvest to harvest...

And NOW... you know you're 100% guaranteed to see the same, if not better results... while spending 40% LESS of your hard-earned money, just by switching to Jungle Juice™... at this point, the ONLY logical thing to do now is...

Click on the store finder below to locate the hydroponics store closest to you. Once you've found a local store, all you have to do is pick up your supply of Jungle Juice™ today and put it to work in your grow room so you can start saving money as quickly as possible!



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