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Exhaustive Research. Elevated Cannabis. Engineered For Every Grower.

Backed by two-plus decades of research, Advanced Nutrients is the only complete cannabis growing system of fertilizers and additives that optimizes all phases of your plants’ development from seed to senescence, helping bring your crops to their true genetic potential.

Each of our products has been engineered to maximize results, while preserving the purity of the plant with the highest quality inputs. Today, growers in 110+ countries rely on Advanced Nutrients’ precision technology and innovation to achieve measurable increases in yield, potency, and flavor.


Raising the Bud Weights… and Reputations… of Top Growers


Making Cannabis an Acceptable and Everyday Part of Healing Humanity



The Roots of a Cannabis Revolution

Michael ‘BigMike’ Straumietis forever changed the industry in 1999 when he founded Advanced Nutrients: the first and only complete growing system for cannabis. For the first time ever, growers could rely on hydroponics nutrients designed to help unlock the true genetic potential of their specific crops.

Since then, Advanced Nutrients has remained steadfast in its commitment to developing research-backed products and has introduced 53 firsts to the world of cultivation. Today, the company is the leading provider of cannabis fertilizer for growers in 110+ countries.

Advanced Nutrients History and Company Timeline
Michael Straumietis owner of Advanced Nutrients

A Message From Our Founder

I started cultivating cannabis in 1983, when hydroponics companies shunned outlaw growers who made up the bulk of their business and instead hid behind glossy magazine spreads of fat, red tomatoes. I made a promise to do better by my own crops — and the community — and went to work optimizing the essential plant nutrients cannabis craves. The result is Advanced Nutrients…

When you invest in Advanced Nutrients, you’re investing in science, innovation, and the community. Read more about my path from outlaw grower to cannabis CEO here.

Read BigMike’s Story.

Michael ‘BigMike’ Straumietus
CEO & Founder of Advanced Nutrients

Meet the Team

Advanced Nutrients employs a world-class team of cannabis experts and advocates from across the globe. Plant-specific scientists, master growers, and industry researchers all find a home here; we’re passionate about unlocking the true genetic potential of the plant, serving our community, and making cannabis an acceptable and every day part of healing humanity

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