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How the Cookies Cultivation Team Fuels World-Class Cannabis

Ask any cannabis enthusiast to name one of the most respected brands in the industry, and Cookies will immediately come to mind.

With groundbreaking genetics and 70+ proprietary cultivars, they’ve long been considered the gold standard in quality and innovation.

And to uphold a legendary brand reputation, head cultivator Mike Tuna knows using the best nutrients in the game is non-negotiable.

That’s why no matter what other fertilizers he’s tested out, he’s always returned to one simple truth…

No other company produces the same results as Advanced Nutrients.

Take an inside look at his journey with Cookies and Advanced Nutrients on YouTube. Click here to watch now.

Like many industry pioneers, Mike’s path as a cannabis cultivator has been riddled with ups and downs.

You see…

Mike’s Been Growing Since the Dark Ages of Cannabis…

And knows first-hand what it’s like to lay your freedom on the line for the love of the plant.

In fact, at one point he questioned whether he should get out of the game altogether.

But with a consistently flawless product, he didn’t have the heart to let it go.

Instead, he continued to nourish his own small grow, and took a job at a hydro shop to pay the bills.

While there, he tried EVERY fertilizer brand imaginable.

And despite feeding his plants a variety of different formulations…

They always responded best to an Advanced Nutrients feeding program.

So when he returned to his farm and realized it had been switched to a different nutrient regimen…

Cookies cannabis farm head cultivator

Mike Knew He Could Achieve Better Crop Results

One day before New Years, he took some buds grown with Advanced Nutrients to Cookies corporate…

And the results spoke for themselves.

Once the team saw how much denser, shinier, and sappier Mike’s cannabis was, they immediately switched everything back to Advanced Nutrients…

And they haven’t looked back since.

For Mike and the Cookies cultivation team, the change meant they could once again grow cannabis they were proud of.

By weeks four and five, they noticed the aroma was 5x greater than it has been with other lines.

And by the late bloom phase, it was clear…

Cookies Was Going to Turn Heads With Their Flower

With Advanced Nutrients’ cannabis-specific formulations that go above and beyond basic fertilizers, Cookies’ cannabis was unlike anything they’d previously achieved with other nutrient lines.

“After our crop was harvested, the flower was so sappy it felt like it was glued together,” says Mike. “Taste, smell, and trichome buildup all improved with Advanced Nutrients.”

You see, just like Cookies, Advanced Nutrients has been a global pioneer in the cannabis space…

And was one of the first three entities in the world to receive a government-issued license to grow and test cannabis for research purposes.

That means their team of scientists have discovered breakthroughs in cannabis nutrition that many new players are still trying to figure out to this day…

And cultivators like Mike Tuna are reaping the rewards of the team’s advanced plant science.

Now, their bag appeal proudly represents the reputation that has kept them at the forefront of the industry for so many years…

And it’s made a BIG difference for their retail, their customers, and image.

Cookies cannabis cultivation farm

What Advanced Nutrients Products Does the Cookies Cultivation Team Rely On?

A longtime Advanced Nutrients grower, Mike has used the full line to grow his superior cannabis.

Some of the main products that make Cookies’ feeding program so successful?

Take a look…

  • Big Bud®: The world’s #1 bud bulker, Mike Tuna says he’s seen Big Bud® sneak into almost every recipe because of the swelling flowers it helps produce.

  • B-52®: A must-have for strengthening stalks, stems, and buds, this B-vitamin complex has been a staple in the Cookies’ cannabis feeding program.

  • Tasty Terpenes™: Cookies is known for producing flavorful, aromatic buds that proudly sit on front store displays… and Tasty Terpenes™ is one of the primary fuels driving their success.

  • Bud Factor X®: Sustain maximal photosynthetic rates and optimize terpenes and cannabinoids for rich, flavorful buds.


And to complement the superior products, Advanced Nutrients has offered Mike and Cookes unparalleled grower support…

Whether it’s a personal call to the in-house scientists or a visit from one of the team’s cultivation specialists.

“If you’re on a racetrack with a basic car, you can only go so fast,” says Mike. “Now I’m back in the race with a badass race car — Advanced Nutrients is like my Ferrari.”

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