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How to Protect Your Cannabis From This Yield-Killing Viroid

Could a contagious viroid be threatening your cannabis… and your profits?

If you’re doing everything in your power to grow huge, potent, high-quality buds

And still suffering from weak and puny yields, your crop might be suffering from the epidemic of cannabis plants.

Now, in just a moment you’re going to discover the number one way you can avoid this pathogen and protect your crop from the crippling effects of disease.

It’s called the Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd), a single-stranded RNA closed loop pathogen with 256 nucleotides… And these can have a detrimental impact on the success of your next crop cycle.

Now, the state of California first announced the virus in 2017. However, this yield- and cannabinoid-reducing culprit has most likely circulated amongst crops for years before that. In fact, some cannabis researchers have dated its existence all the way back to 1988!

And while this single-stranded RNA molecule is much smaller in size than a virus, that doesn’t make it any less devastating.

This is partially because…

Your Plants Can Be Asymptomatic!

But even if just one is infected, from its semi-dormant state it can still transmit the virus to your other plants…

Which means your next batch of cuttings could end up overloaded with the viroid—and incapable of vigorous vegetation and cannabinoid-packed blooming—before they’ve even got a fighting chance.

The reality is, if you’re growing cannabis in the United States or Canada, you may have already encountered the hop latent viroid without even realizing it.

Now, let’s look at the common symptoms associated with HLVd.

And pay close attention, because this latent viroid may be responsible for…

Tens of Millions of Dollars in Cannabis Industry Losses

Because many plants are asymptomatic before—and can continue to be so for weeks—you could end up catching signs of the viroid in your garden too late to stop the devastation it causes.

And to make matters worse…

You can’t rely on obvious signs of disease—like curling leaves—to determine whether your plants have been infected.

Infected cannabis plant

What started as a productive crop cycle suddenly turns into a grow room catastrophe with massive financial consequences.

So What Should You Look Out For?

If you start to notice…

  • Stunted growth, and tighter node spacing
  • Sparse buds with variable trichome and chemical production
  • Smaller distorted leaves
  • Witches broom with light lime green coloring at each growing tip
  • Reduced lateral branching
  • Brittle, rubbery stems that easily snap off…

Then you may have a case of the viroid (also known as dudding) lurking in your grow.

And Those Signs Add Up to BIG Losses.

In fact, dozens of growers have reached out to our grow experts in panic, because despite doing everything right

They’re still seeing a 10-30% loss in their crop…

Up to a 35% reduction in valuable cannabinoids…

And even up to a 70% reduction in yield.

Which means even if you’ve optimized your grow room to meet every condition, your hopes of a profitable harvest might be squashed by a ruthless viroid that sabotages the best of intentions.


There IS Good News…

There ARE ways to keep the insidious effects of the viroid at bay… and cultivate huge, healthy, cannabinoid-packed yields.

In order to protect your plants, you need to understand how the virus spreads…’

And what you can do to prevent it from crippling your crop.

First, let’s take a look at…

The Biggest Culprit Behind HLVd Contamination

It’s currently thought that seeds are responsible for up to 8% of viroid transmission. And taking clones and cutting from an infected mother plant—without knowing the mother is hosting the viroid—can also be the cause of an outbreak.

However, mechanical transmission is typically the number one reason your crop could become overrun by HLVd.

And as we mentioned earlier, many of your plants may be asymptomatic. When you use the same tools across your garden, you’ll unwittingly spread the virus from these asymptomatic plants to other healthy ones.

And while labs are cropping up with testing to try and diagnose the disease at the earliest stages, the best thing you can do right now is…

Invest in a Pest and Disease Management Prevention Plan

Because here’s the thing…

Even if you purchase the best lighting, the most premium nutrients, and get your crop cycle down to a science, the viroid won’t discriminate between flimsy grows and those optimized for success. It’ll take whatever it can get.

So first, you want to make sure you invest in a comprehensive pest and disease management prevention plan.

This includes everything from sterilizing tools and investing in PPE to quarantining new varieties and cleaning your spaces regularly.

Sanitizing cannabis equipment

The Bottom Line Is…

The economic effects of the Hop Latent Viroid can be devastating for growers.

But if you put a solid pest and disease management prevention plan in place, you can protect your grows from this crop-ravaging viroid and continue to cultivate thriving, healthy plants packed with valuable cannabinoids and terpenoids…

And continue to churn profits while meeting the demands of today’s market.


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