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Advanced Nutrients at CannMed 2022 - the industry’s premier event for science and innovation


There's no doubt that if you want to stay at the forefront of the cannabis industry, you need to learn from its leaders. And there's no better place to soak up their knowledge than CannMed. From May 3-5, some of the industry's most prominent leaders are gathering in Pasadena, CA to discuss ... Read More
Advanced Nutrients was voted Best Cannabis Nutrients Brand for 2022


We're thrilled to share that Advanced Nutrients took home two awards from this year's Spannabis, Europe's biggest cannabis event. We received the most votes for Best Cannabis Nutrient Brand 2022 from the growers over at Grow Diaries, one of the most popular websites for cannabis cultivators across the globe. And Big Bud®, ... Read More
Protect cannabis from Hop Latent Viroid


Could a contagious viroid be threatening your cannabis... and your profits? If you're doing everything in your power to grow huge, potent, high-quality buds... And still suffering from weak and puny yields, your crop might be suffering from the epidemic of cannabis plants. Now, in just a moment you're going ... Read More
Powder Fertilizers For Cannabis Plants


You’re about to discover a brand new water-soluble powder fertilizer for growing clean, potent, heavy cannabis. It’s taken years to develop—yet couldn’t be easier to use. And it’s going to help you grow buds that command top dollar… increase profit margins… and stand out in a saturated marketplace… WITHOUT shooting ... Read More
Sensi Cal Mag Xtra


If you’re visited your local hydro shop recently, you’ve probably seen bottles of Sensi Cal Mag Xtra® lining the shelves. But do you know how you’d use this product to begin with? Most people will tell you it’s their go-to solution for fixing cannabis plant deficiencies. And it’s true… Sensi Cal Mag Xtra is ... Read More
Three-Part Base Nutrient System


Many growers swear by their old-school formulations. And it’s like they say… If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But did you know that not every three-part base nutrient system is created equal? That’s right. Even if they’ve got the same obvious benefits — familiarity, flexibility, feeding program control — the ... Read More
Advanced Nutrients Grower Support testimonial


Ready to optimize your grow — withOUT spending thousands of dollars on an expert consultant? When you become a customer of Advanced Nutrients, we treat your plants like our own. Which is why in addition to equipping your grow room toolkit with best-in-class nutrients, we provide superior support to help you ... Read More
California Wildfire Victims


For many growers, April 20th is a time for community. And that couldn’t be more true for BigMike and the team here at Advanced Nutrients. Which is why when the devastating Bear Fire engulfed 200+ acres of land in Oroville, California, we immediately sought out ways to help affected growers and wildfire ... Read More
Help the Homeless in Need


If you know Advanced Nutrients, you know our company is founded on the pillar of community. And for our founder, Michael ‘BigMike’ Straumietis, that means adhering to the principle of giving back. And after 22 years in this industry, we also know there’s no group more compassionate than the growers we ... Read More
Growing Cannabis in Soil


Once you’ve decided to grow cannabis plants, you’ll be faced with the age-old debate: What are the advantages of using hydroponics vs. soil for your specific needs as a grower? Like everything in the growing world, there is an endless list of pros and cons to each method… And those who are dedicated ... Read More