Boost Your Harvest with the Powerful Combination of HammerHead and Sensi Terra

Discover the perfect synergy for maximum crop results. Power your plants with Sensi Terra, a balanced formula with a full suite bioavailable micronutrients for healthy, robust growth. Then optimize your growing strategy with the new and improved formula of HammerHead, a bloom booster that uses potassium citrate to enhance phosphorus bioavailability for ultra-productive flowering.

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Key Benefits

Sensi Terra
Key Benefits

Fuel your growing strategy with these two plant-specific products and perfect your cash crop with the purest, cleanest, highest-quality inputs on the market.

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Named the Best Nutrient Brand of 2023

See what other growers love about HammerHead…

“Works great as a PK Booster. I personally like all Advanced Nutrients. The quality of the end product is great.”

“After using this product the flowers became
denser and heavier. I won’t go without it. This stuff really works well.”

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