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“My Experience with Andy from Advanced Nutrients Grower Support”

Advanced Nutrients Grower Support testimonial


“My name is Leland Jeffrey. I live in Lake Ozark, MO and am the proud father of a beautiful 7-year-old girl named Layla.

About 2 years ago, marijuana was legalized in MO. And there’s been a huge uprising in growing.

The problem is, you can buy books, delve into the endless amounts of info (much of it worthless) about growing info on the internet, and listen to your friends who always SEEM to know everything.

You can end up trying 1,000 different things, and STILL not know how to produce a quality, high-end product on a consistent basis.

I began my growing career using led lights and FoxFarm products and got lousy results. I knew nothing about growing good cannabis.

I called FoxFarm and asked why their pH scale had such a wide range of proper pH. I could hear the woman at FoxFarm typing in my question. However, she did NOT provide me with the info I needed.

In what I believed was an act of serendipity, my friend picked up a bottle of Advanced Nutrients’s Bud Candy. He said he didn’t know what it was exactly, but that it made his pot “SO good.

I called Advanced Nutrients Grower Support and asked about Bud Candy. Grow specialist Andy said he’d be happy to help.

I explained what I was doing and asked what Bud Candy actually did. I heard no typing.

Andy asked me about me as a person and what I wanted to accomplish as a grower. He talked to me with respect, and didn’t treat me like a novice or make me feel like one even though, at that point, I was an easy target.

Andy did what I think we’ve lost in this world—he LISTENED and showed me that he CARED. He treated me like a friend.

He understood what it was like to be a new grower trying to filter through an impossible amount of information on growing out there.

Over a two hour conversation, Andy took all my growing goals into account and gave me complete guidance. He walked me through everything I needed to know—from seed to light sources to cure.

I planned to switch to Advanced Nutrients. But when he told me about the Advanced Nutrients 100% Money Back Grower Guarantee, I was SOLD.

Andy taking the TIME to help me meant so much more to me than hearing someone typing away on a keyboard.

But it didn’t stop there…

Andy regularly reviewed photos of my garden and took time EVERY WEEK to help me on the phone, from seed to cure. He worked with me on my second crop as well, incorporating more Advanced Nutrients products.

Andy gave me a college degree in growing—for FREE!

If I’d have had Andy two years ago I would have saved SO much time and money.

He’s been with Advanced Nutrients for over 20 years, is a true MASTER grower, and knows exactly what growers (including new ones like me) need to do to cultivate high-grade marijuana.

With grow shops always eager to buy my product, asking about my plant genetics and grow methods, I know I’m doing something right. In fact, they’re blown away to find out that I haven’t been growing for years and years on end.

And the credit belongs to Andy in Advanced Nutrients Grower Support.”

Leland Jeffrey
Grower in Lake Ozark, MO

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