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Bud Taste & Terpene Enhancement

Flawless Finish®

Indoor & Outdoor Mid Bloom Phase Regular Watering Watering-Systems Hydroponics
Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish 1 L

Bud Taste & Terpene Enhancement

Flawless Finish®

Vegetative Stage Blooming Stage Indoor / Outdoor Regular Watering Watering Systems Hydroponics Coco Coir Safe
Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish Grow Phase feeding chart
Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish Bloom Phase Feeding Chart

Grow Phase

Week 1
Week 2
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Week 5
Week 6
Week 7

Bloom Phase

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
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2 mL/L

Grow safe, flavorful plants with Flawless Finish®. This premium biostimulant flushes plants of pollutants, heavy metals, and fertilizer salts, so when you’re curing your buds, they keep their purest tastes and aromas intact. Chelation therapy and a fasting regimen remove toxins from the nutrient medium, and allow plants to cleanse themselves of stored nutrients before harvest.

  • Our proprietary blend of chelated technology binds heavy metals and draws them out of plants, securing a safer end-product
  • Chelates go to work in your garden, they hunt down and capture elemented ions
  • Stabilized chelates and magnesium sulfate remove nitrates and sulfates
  • Higher C:N ratio from ideal conditions promotes higher sugar content in ripening flowers
  • Flower absorbs just the right amount of magnesium to push through maturation
  • Withdraws nitrogen at the optimal time to maintain yield size

Flawless Finish® is specially designed for use with diverse hydroponic growing media and all continuous liquid-feed growing systems such as aeroponics, drip irrigation and emitters, NFT, flood and drain, and deep water culture.

ATTENTION: Flawless Finish® is completely compatible with all pH Perfect Base Nutrients as well as with all non pH Perfect Base Nutrients and supplements and all competitors Base Nutrients and supplements.

NOTE: At Advanced Nutrients, we do not use paclobutrazol, daminozide, or any other banned plant growth regulators in our products.

Warning: Are Tiny Microscopic Toxins Destroying the Taste of Your Crop and Keeping You From Getting the Flower You Deserve?

If you’re ready to achieve a cleaner end product, then this may be one of the most important messages you’ll ever read.  

Because here’s the thing . . .

You can be one of the most experienced growers out there. But if you don’t flush your crops correctly, you risk heavy metals contaminating your crops. 

And after even the smoothest run, you could be left with…

  • Gray, lumpy ash after consumption
  • A bitter, unpleasant taste
  • Weak, watered-down aromas 
  • Toxic levels of heavy metals polluting your plants

Now, if you’ve suffered this fate before, you know there’s nothing worse than spending weeks on end perfecting a lush, green garden…

… only to watch it lose taste, potency, and purity during the curing process. 

The fact is, your cannabis can accumulate excess nutrient salts and substances that decrease its overall value. 

Here’s the real kicker, though . . .

Much of the time, these elements stack up in your root zone, while remaining invisible to the naked eye. 

So, you don’t even realize the damage they’re doing to your cannabis until it’s too late. 

Now, in a second, I’m going to tell you exactly how you can eliminate these toxins and ensure a pure, flavorful end product.

But first, we need to make you aware of something. 

You’ve probably heard that using a flushing agent is critical to getting clean crops. 

And that’s true. 

However . . .

Not All Flushes Are Created Equal

In fact, some flushing agents can decrease the size of your overall harvest . . .

Forcing you to choose between clean bud and heavy, potent yields. 

It’s a sacrifice no grower should have to make . . .

And it’s one many growers don’t even realize they’re making.

It gets even worse, though. 

Because the reality is, a lot of the time, these so-called flushing agents do little to nothing to purge crops of harsh residues. 

They’re simply not capable of drawing all the salt buildup and heavy metals out of your plants. 

Now, you may think the best way to cleanse your crop is to simply flush with water, starving them of any nutrients in the final week before harvest. 

That couldn’t be further from the truth though. 

Here’s the thing…

You need a flushing agent that draws toxins out of the plants, while still allowing them the carbon to nitrogen ratio they need to ripen with high resin percentages. 

A way to get clean ash from your end product free of any heavy metals… 

While remaining 100% confident your yields reached their fullest potential. 

So if you’ve ever found yourself questioning whether you’re achieving the purest harvest possible, you’d be right to doubt it. 

That is, unless . . .

You Rely on Empty Chelates to Pull Toxins out of Your Plants

Chelates are like chemical “claws” . . .

They grasp onto other materials, like nutrients, and bind to them. 

And the same way some solutions contain chelates to increase nutrient absorption . . .

Others rely on chelates to facilitate their removal. 

Remember those microscopic traces of toxicities we mentioned?

Well, when you put chelates to work in your garden, they hunt down and capture those elemental ions…

Leaving you with safe, clean, and flavorful bud. 

It’s why the savviest growers. . .

Protect Plant Purity with Flawless Finish®

Through an advanced understanding of chelates and cannabis’ unique genome, our team of experts developed a premium flushing agent that safeguards heavy, potent, flavorful yields while ensuring a clean end product.

It’s called Flawless Finish® . . . 

And it’s the most powerful way to get the pure, flavorful buds your clients crave. 

When you use Flawless Finish, your plants reap multiple game-changing benefits. 

A fantastic chelator binds to heavy metals and removes them from your plants . . . 

So you can get a cleaner, safer end product without a bitter, unforgiving potassium/ammonium aftertaste.

What’s more, Flawless Finish allows tissues to ripen with a higher carbon to nitrogen ratio . . .

So you unleash the sugar levels behind potent, heavy-hitting aromas

Plus, it removes excess nitrogen at the exact right moment, so you never have to worry about sacrificing yield size.

But that’s not all… 

Our team of scientists even engineered this flushing agent with an optimal amount of magnesium to create conditions that support mature flowering.

Pair magnesium with your plants’ internal nutrient reserves . . .

And they’ve got everything they need to ripen those huge, compound-rich buds all the way to harvest day. 

Why wait to grow the cleanest cannabis on the market? 

Find Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish today at an authorized retailer near you.

And remember, every purchase is backed by… 

Your Ironclad 100% Money-Back Grower Guarantee

If for any reason you are not absolutely thrilled with the results you achieve when you use Flawless Finish®, just bring the unused portion, along with your original sales receipt, back to the place of purchase within six months, and ask for your money back.

Advanced Nutrients was built by growers, for growers. Which is why we treat you the way we’d like to be treated and stand behind all of our products with our 100% Money-Back Grower Guarantee.

It’s that simple.

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Over time, components within the nutrients settle on the bottom of the bottle. When you pour a bottle without shaking it, you can potentially be pouring out an unbalanced solution. Shaking up the nutrient bottle ensures you are pouring the right blend into your reservoir, giving your crops the nutrition they need.

Usually, it’s not a problem. But some products are incompatible with each other and can damage your plants when they’re used together. For example, bloom boosters with high PK numbers or low-grade silica products can destabilize your nutrient mix and cause nutrient lockout.

Nutrient manufacturers design their products to be used with each other. In doing so, they include specific portions of each nutrient in each product, so crops receive the right nutrition through each stage of the grow cycle. When you stick with one manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about inadvertently destabilizing your nutrient mixture. One example of why you need to stick with only one manufacturer’s products is Advanced Nutrients’ pH Perfect line. These products are designed to keep your crops’ root zone within a specific pH range. When you use them alongside products from another manufacturer, we can’t guarantee your root zone will maintain its optimal pH level.

Yes! If you’re growing with Advanced Nutrients products, you can use our easy nutrient calculator to generate the correct nutrient chart for your crops in seconds. Check out Advanced Nutrients’ nutrient calculator here. Another great resource is our library of free custom-growing recipes. Try our expert grower-tested nutrient schedules here.

You can also download our official BudLabs app to generate nutrient schedules and receive real-time notifications for specific tasks, including feeding your crops. Upgrade to BudLabs Pro to maintain profiles on an unlimited number of crops.

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Our greatest passion is growing great cannabis—and helping other growers do the same. That’s why we offer complimentary cultivation support 24/7 from Monday to Friday and from 9 AM until 7 PM PST on Saturday… With the same level of advice licensed producers would pay consultants tens of thousands of dollars to unlock.
Just call 1-800-640-9605 or email support@advancednutrients.com. For Spanish-speaking growers, email spanishsupport@advancednutrients.com.

Yes! If for any reason you are not absolutely thrilled with the results you achieve when you use our products, just bring the unused portion, along with your original sales receipt, back to the place of purchase within six months, and ask for your money back. Find out more about our Grower Guarantee here.

Advanced Nutrients has spent many thousands of man-hours developing a technology that automatically balances your pH for you — putting it in the “sweet spot” and holding it there for one week.

And the technology is so “smart” that it can account for many of the aforementioned variables in your grow room. Our proprietary pH buffering agents and stabilizing mechanisms became the foundation of a new system aptly called pH Perfect® Technology. Learn all about it here.

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