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Blooming Stage Indoor / Outdoor Regular Watering

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Bigger Buds


Blooming Stage Indoor / Outdoor Regular Watering
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The Power of a 1:3 PK Ratio Unleashed!

*This product is currently available exclusively in Europe and is a new and improved version of our legacy HammerHead.

Go beyond the standard PK booster with Hammerhead, a tried-and-true bloom booster rigorously researched and tested on the type of plant you grow. With the ideal 1:3 PK ratio your crops crave, Hammerhead fuels floral production to reward you with the lush, potent, sizable harvest you deserve.

  • Zero added nitrogen protects your plants from the dangers of nitrogen toxicity
  • Optimal 1:3 PK ratio required for heavier yields of dense, potent, flavorful flowers
  • Potassium citrate maximizes nutrient uptake without toxicity from common chelators

HammerHead has been specially designed to pair with our Sensi Terra™ Series base. It is also completely compatible with all pH Perfect Base Nutrients as well as with all non pH Perfect Base Nutrients and supplements and all competitors’ Base Nutrients and supplements.

NOTE: At Advanced Nutrients, we do not use paclobutrazol, daminozide, or any other banned plant growth regulators in our products.

Introducing HammerHead in Europe — The Surprising PK Ratio Your Plants Actually Crave

As a grower of high-value crops, you deserve better than generic fertilizers designed for corn or soybeans.

Most of these traditional ag formulations feature the standard 13:14 PK ratio.

And that might be great for your average crops…

But NOT for your high-value plants.

Because here’s the thing — too much phosphorus can harm your roots, block nutrient absorption, and ultimately limit your yields.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution…

Unlock the Power of a Plant-Specific PK Ratio!

After rigorous research, we discovered that a 1:3 PK ratio is the ideal amount to fuel unprecedented floral production…

Without causing the phosphorus toxicity that comes from generic fertilizers.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find in the new and improved HammerHead — a bloom booster guaranteed to grant you the harvest you deserve.

By providing your plants with the precise phosphorus-to-potassium ratio they crave, HammerHead unlocks the potential for a larger, denser, and more flavorful crop.

And we didn’t just include any potassium in Hammerhead.

Instead, we included the right type so you can…

Maximize Nutrient Uptake For Heavy, Potent, Flavorful Flowers

You see, to get the most from your crops, you MUST provide phosphorus in the most efficient way possible.

Which is why, instead of sulfate of potash, you’ll find potassium citrate in your HammerHead bloom booster.

Citrate is a high-quality chelating agent that ensures your crops get the potassium they need, not sulfate — withOUT the toxicity associated with common chelators.

What’s more, with HammerHead, you’ll…

Say Goodbye to Nitrogen Toxicity

You’ve probably heard the stories of nitrogen toxicity in plants…

Or maybe you’ve even experienced the symptoms in your own grow.

While nitrogen is essential for your plants, too much nitrogen can result in stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and reduced flower quality.

And because our base nutrients already contain the ideal amount of nitrogen, we’ve excluded it entirely from the HammerHead formulation…

Ensuring your plants absorb the required ratios of this macronutrient without the risk of overload.

Now, the bloom-boosting benefits of HammerHead speak for themselves.

However, to get even more from this PK booster…

Pair It With the Sensi Terra™ Series

When you use HammerHead in conjunction with the results-driven Sensi Terra™ Series, you’ll promote ultra-productive flowering.

Together, they create a synergistic environment to elevate your crop’s performance…

Guaranteeing your plants benefit from a complete nutritional profile for heavy, glistening, emerald green flowers.

And both products couldn’t be easier to use.

To start feeding your crops plant-specific PK ratios and enhance your crop results, buy Advanced Nutrients HammerHead today at an authorized retailer near you.

And remember, every purchase is backed by…

Your Ironclad 100% Money-Back Grower Guarantee

If for any reason you are not absolutely thrilled with the results you achieve when you use HammerHead, just bring the unused portion, along with your original sales receipt, back to the place of purchase within six months, and ask for your money back.

Advanced Nutrients was built by growers, for growers. Which is why we treat you the way we’d like to be treated and stand behind all of our products with our 100% Money-Back Grower Guarantee.

It’s that simple.

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Over time, components within the nutrients settle on the bottom of the bottle. When you pour a bottle without shaking it, you can potentially be pouring out an unbalanced solution. Shaking up the nutrient bottle ensures you are pouring the right blend into your reservoir, giving your crops the nutrition they need.

Usually, it’s not a problem. But some products are incompatible with each other and can damage your plants when they’re used together. For example, bloom boosters with high PK numbers or low-grade silica products can destabilize your nutrient mix and cause nutrient lockout.

Nutrient manufacturers design their products to be used with each other. In doing so, they include specific portions of each nutrient in each product, so crops receive the right nutrition through each stage of the grow cycle. When you stick with one manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about inadvertently destabilizing your nutrient mixture. One example of why you need to stick with only one manufacturer’s products is Advanced Nutrients’ pH Perfect line. These products are designed to keep your crops’ root zone within a specific pH range. When you use them alongside products from another manufacturer, we can’t guarantee your root zone will maintain its optimal pH level.

Yes! If you’re growing with Advanced Nutrients products, you can use our easy nutrient calculator to generate the correct nutrient chart for your crops in seconds. Check out Advanced Nutrients’ nutrient calculator here. Another great resource is our library of free custom-growing recipes. Try our expert grower-tested nutrient schedules here.

You can also download our official BudLabs app to generate nutrient schedules and receive real-time notifications for specific tasks, including feeding your crops. Upgrade to BudLabs Pro to maintain profiles on an unlimited number of crops.

If you are a grower, visit this link to find the closest Advanced Nutrients Authorized Retailer. If you are a retailer, visit this link to identify our official distributors.

Our greatest passion is growing great cannabis—and helping other growers do the same. That’s why we offer complimentary cultivation support 24/7 from Monday to Friday and from 9 AM until 7 PM PST on Saturday… With the same level of advice licensed producers would pay consultants tens of thousands of dollars to unlock.
Just call 1-800-640-9605 or email support@advancednutrients.com. For Spanish-speaking growers, email spanishsupport@advancednutrients.com.

Yes! If for any reason you are not absolutely thrilled with the results you achieve when you use our products, just bring the unused portion, along with your original sales receipt, back to the place of purchase within six months, and ask for your money back. Find out more about our Grower Guarantee here.

Advanced Nutrients has spent many thousands of man-hours developing a technology that automatically balances your pH for you — putting it in the “sweet spot” and holding it there for one week.

And the technology is so “smart” that it can account for many of the aforementioned variables in your grow room. Our proprietary pH buffering agents and stabilizing mechanisms became the foundation of a new system aptly called pH Perfect® Technology. Learn all about it here.

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