Advanced Nutrients Multi-Packs

Exclusively sold in Europe, the Advanced Nutrients Multi-Packs are the perfect next step for home growers who are ready to fine-tune their feeding program or experienced growers looking for a low-risk way to test out our best-selling technology.
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Advanced Nutrients Multi-Packs

Advance Your Feeding Program For Professional Results
From best-selling bloom boosters to our proprietary pH Perfect® Technology, our product packs make it easier than ever to explore the most sought-after features of the Advanced Nutrients line. Upgrade your feeding program and get even more potency, yield, and quality when you put these tried-and-true formulations to work for you in your garden.

Advanced Nutrients Multi-Packs

Bigger Buds Tri-Pack

Add this three-step system to your bloom phase and end each harvest with huge, lush, crystal-packed flowers.

Advanced Nutrients Multi-Packs

pH Perfect® Bloom Tri-pack

Automatically stabilize your pH levels with pH Perfect® Technology and put our best-selling Big Bud® to work for bigger, more valuable flowers.

Advanced Nutrients Multi-Packs

Foliar Four-Pack

Use these foliar sprays for targeted and immediate nutrient uptake to increase the efficacy of your feeding program.

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