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Dry Fertilizers

Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder — European Market

Indoor & Outdoor Mid Bloom Phase Regular Watering Watering-Systems Hydroponics
500g dry fertilizers - Sensi Professional Series
Advanced Nutrients Europe Dry Fertilizers Packaging Sizes

Dry Fertilizers

Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder — European Market

Vegetative Stage Blooming Stage Indoor / Outdoor Regular Watering Watering Systems Hydroponics Coco Coir Safe
Sensi Professional Grow Phase Feeding Chart
Advanced Nutrients Sensi Water Soluble Powders Bloom Phase Feed Chart

Grow Phase

Part A
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
2 g/gal
2 g/gal
2 g/gal
2 g/gal
Part B
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
2 g/gal
2 g/gal
2 g/gal
2 g/gal

Bloom Phase

Part A
Wk 1
Wk 2
Wk 3
Wk 4
Wk 5
Wk 6
Wk 7
3.1 g/gal
3.1 g/gal
3.1 g/gal
3.1 g/gal
3.1 g/gal
3.1 g/gal
3.1 g/gal
Part B
Wk 1
Wk 2
Wk 3
Wk 4
Wk 5
Wk 6
Wk 7
3.1 g/gal
3.1 g/gal
3.1 g/gal
3.1 g/gal
3.1 g/gal
3.1 g/gal
3.1 g/gal

Growers in Europe can now increase quality, yield, and flavor with Advanced Nutrients’ Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder. These state-of-the-art fertilizers Hit the Shift to meet the phase-specific nutritional requirements of your crops, resulting in bigger, more aromatic plants packed with valuable compounds.

The European Market will benefit from 500g, 1kg, 5kg, and 10kg sized bags of Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder made of moisture-resistant material, catering to the needs of every type of grower and maintaining the chemical stability of the fertilizer’s best-in-class inputs.

  • Contains the exact macro, secondary, and micronutrient ratios needed for optimal development in both grow and bloom
  • Includes Urea to maintain an acidic growing medium, keeping pH levels in the sweet spot for vigorous growth
  • Three premium chelated forms of iron for more effective absorption

Watch the videos below for helpful tips on how to get the most from Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder.

For proper mixing instructions of our water-soluble nutrients and dissolving them more efficiently, watch the video below:

Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder is specially designed for use with diverse hydroponic growing media and all continuous liquid-feed growing systems such as aeroponics, drip irrigation and emitters, NFT, flood and drain, and deep water culture.

NOTE: At Advanced Nutrients, we do not use paclobutrazol, daminozide, or any other banned plant growth regulators in our products.

Click here to download the official Advanced Nutrients Commercial Feeding Recipe – featuring our Water-Soluble Powder Sensi Grow™ and Bloom Pro Series, Voodoo Juice® Plus, Big Bud®, and Bud Blood® Powder

Attention Commercial Grower—Vital Information:

Do the Salts You Use For Your Crops “Hit the Shift” Between the Grow and Bloom Phase?

Because if they’re not…

You’re almost certainly sacrificing quality, yields, and your stake in the marketplace.

In fact, commercial growers who are trying to save money on the front end by mixing their own salts are actually LOSING money.

And they’re just as bad off if they’re buying their nutrients from new startups or ag companies pretending to sell plant-specific fertilizer.

You see, of all the fertilizer companies, only one has done the research to discover (and leverage) the dramatic shift in the macro, secondary, and micronutrients that your crops need between the grow and bloom phase.

The reality is, unless a nutrient company has done the research on the plant’s genus — and what it really takes to unlock its full potential — they don’t understand how critical it is to get this right.

And make no mistake…

If you want to harvest an extra half-pound or even pound more flower per light…

With significantly higher value…

You MUST Hit the Shift.

Let me explain…

Advanced Nutrients has made over 55 breakthroughs that revolutionized the way the plant is cultivated.


The Most Important Discovery of All…

… the one that’s had the greatest impact on yields, compound production, and grower reputations …

… is one that the fertilizer companies (who claim their products are for your crops) remain completely in the dark about.

And one look at their labels proves their products are NOT designed to produce heavy yields of compound-rich flowers — the evidence is right there in black and white. Actually, it’s what ISN’T there that matters most.

This groundbreaking discovery is Hitting the Shift.

Here’s How the University of Mississippi and Dr. Mahmoud Elsohly Discovered Firsthand the POWER of Hitting the Shift …

The University of Mississippi is the only university in the United States with a license to conduct research on the type of plant you’re growing.

The school’s team of agronomists developed a fertilizer (formulated with their most leading edge research) and wanted to test it against the plant-specific nutrients with the best reputation for results among growers.

So they got in contact with Advanced Nutrients and ran their fertilizers against ours. The study was conducted by Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly, one of the world’s foremost researchers and authorities on the plant.

Here are the results …

Results of Study Performed From Dr. Elsohly at University of Mississippi

(A)University of Mississippi Report Page 1


University of Mississippi Report - Effects of different fertilizers on THC


University of Mississippi Report - THC and CBD increase - Advanced Nutrients

Dr. Elsohly was BLOWN AWAY. As you can see in Figure C …

Advanced Nutrients Increased Useable Biomass by 21% And Valuable Compounds by 42.05%

THAT’s the power of hitting the Shift.

And keep in mind, this study was done in 2003, back when Advanced Nutrients was on only our 3rd generation of fertilizers. We’re currently on our 8th generation.

Now, unlike when I began growing back in 1983 …

Most Serious Growers Today Understand That…

  1. Feeding the plant the nutrients it needs to thrive is essential to maximize yield, compound production, flavor, and aroma.
  2. The plant has different requirements during the grow and bloom phases.

Hoping to capitalize on the industry gold rush, fertilizer companies are racing into the nutrient space, scrambling to do a cash grab and making all kinds of wild claims about their products being for your crops…

… when what they’re really selling is regular old ag fertilizer, much more suited to tomatoes or zucchini than your plants.

They advertise that their nutrients are designed to meet their unique needs. However…

Here’s What These Fertilizer Companies
Don’t Know About Your High-Value Crops

The difference in plant’s requirements between the grow and bloom phases is FAR greater than these companies understand. In fact, the Shift is MASSIVE.

The data shows that during the Grow Phase, your crop uses MORE calcium, iron, manganese, and boron and LESS nitrogen, potassium, zinc and phosphorus.

And in the all-important, money-making Bloom Phase, it devours MORE nitrogen, potassium, and zinc (and a tad more phosphorus) and uses LESS calcium, iron, manganese, and boron.

Just look at the following data in Figure D. from BC Research, the research arm of University of British Columbia…

Here’s What Hitting the Shift Is All About

(D)BC Research Analysis Report

That’s the Shift. And “hitting the Shift” means fulfilling all these phase-dependent nutritional needs so your plants can reach the absolute peak of their true genetic potential.

Wouldn’t it be nice to harvest an extra half-pound or even pound or more per light, with significantly higher compound production, by making one simple adjustment to your grow?

Well, it’s actually a series of adjustments, but the right nutrients can do all the work for you.

Your role is easy…

To Reach the True Genetic Potential of Your Cannabis and Maximize the Value of Your Crop…

… Simply check any dry fertilizer label and confirm the nutrient ratios are dialed in to Hit the Shift, then use as directed.

Once you do that — providing you’re using quality genetics — THAT’s when you’re talking yields of 2-4 pounds per light and valuable compound levels well north of 30%.


Here’s How to Compare Fertilizer Labels …

Let’s look at the labels of two water-soluble powders …

Advanced Nutrients’ Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder

A Leading Competitor’s Grow, Core & Bloom

(E / F)

Advanced Nutrients vs Athena Fertilizers Results

First off, notice that the competitor uses a three part system, consisting of Grow, Core, and Bloom products, with ALL of their micronutrients in one product—Core.

Advanced Nutrients’ Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder, on the other hand, is a four part system, with a Part A and a Part B for both the Grow and Bloom.

This Distinction is CRUCIAL …

… because it’s Part A and Part B that enables your Advanced Nutrients system to Hit the Shift.

When a fertilizer company puts all its micronutrients into one product, (as with the competitor’s), it CANNOT Hit the Shift and bring your high-value crops anywhere near their true genetic potential.

Hitting the Shift is an absolute MUST if you want to get the most from your crop. Otherwise, your yields, potency, and — ultimately — reputation will suffer.

(BTW, in just a bit, I’ll name every four part system on the market that Hits the Shift.)

Now, Let’s Look at Copper…

In Figures E and F you can see that Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom Professional Series contains 0.002% copper and the lead competitor’s three part base nutrient system has 0.01% copper.

Unfortunately for growers, the competitor product locks you into the dreaded Copper Trap. Now …

Here’s What You Need Know About the Copper Trap

As you’re aware, copper plays a key role in photosynthesis.

However, to achieve photosynthesis, your specific plant actually requires very little copper.

Give your crop even a tad more than it needs and …

Copper Can Quickly Become TOXIC
and Do Irreparable Damage to Your Crop’s Health, Yield, and Value

Many growers have had to learn this the hard way.

While a little bit of copper is necessary for your crops, even a trace amount of excess copper can become toxic and negatively impact crop health, compound production, and yield.

And if you were to use the competitor’s product as directed, you’d end up giving your crops 400% more copper than what they need…

An amount that can quickly become toxic and damage your crop.

However, if you tried to prevent copper toxicity by cutting back on their Core, your crops could easily become deficient in many of the other important micronutrients your plants require.

So either way, you lose. That’s the Copper Trap!

And it’s just one of the many reasons you want to avoid these cheap ag fertilizers that claim to be made for the kind of plants you grow.

Saving a few bucks on the front end simply is NOT worth getting caught in the Copper Trap.

Nor is it worth missing your opportunity to Hit the Shift.

Next, Let’s Look at Iron …

Iron is essential for photosynthesis. And your high-value crops use significantly more of it than most agricultural crops.

During the grow phase, iron plays a vital role in nitrogen uptake.

Then during the bloom phase, your plants require much less of it.

Which is why, as you can see in Figure E, Advanced Nutrients’ Sensi Grow and Bloom contains less iron in our Bloom than in our Grow.

While the leading competitor’s three part base nutrient contains the same amount of iron for both phases. This is a problem because too much iron can interfere with the uptake of several key nutrients, ESPECIALLY potassium, which your crop wants to DEVOUR during the bloom phase so it can produce those heavy yields of compound-rich flowers you want.

And not only does the competitor’s product fail to Hit the iron Shift between phases, but…

An Even Bigger Problem With The Competitor’s Iron Is That …

… they use only two chelates — EDTA and DTPA — which can easily lead to extremely poor absorption.

And when your crop can’t absorb iron properly, you impede your plants’ metabolism and can end up with pH issues and unhealthy plants whose genetic potential will never see the light of day.

Advanced Nutrients’ Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder, on the other hand, contains three forms of chelated iron — EDTA, EDDHA, and DTPA — providing for a greater range of pH and much higher absorption.

The chelation process is essential to healthy, robust crop growth — but it requires precision pH balances in your nutrient solution.

Now, you’re growing an acid-loving plant that performs best at a pH of 5.5-6.3.

An acidic rhizosphere (or root zone) creates larger, more productive roots, with increased nutrient availability and ideal conditions for plant growth.

In fact, 217 studies show that bigger roots produce bigger yields.

So it’s essential that you provide an acidic rhizosphere for your plants.

And here’s …

The Secret to Transforming Your Root Zone Into a pH-Down Machine So You Can Keep Your High-Value Crop in the pH Sweet Spot (And Enjoy the Largest Yields of the Sweetest, Stickiest, Most Potent Buds Possible)


Among your most powerful tools to maintain an acidic root zone are cations (positively charged ions).

Cations cause your crop to exude an acidic substance, making your rhizosphere acidic.

So cations DECREASE the pH of your growing medium and help …

Keep Your pH in the Sweet Spot Your Crop Needs to Reach Its True Genetic Potential

Now, most products touted as “plant-specific fertilizers” are not only devoid of cations …

… but are also loaded with anions (negatively charged ions), which cause your roots to release an alkaline substance and will force your pH out of the sweet spot your crop needs to thrive.

Products rich in anions as opposed to cations simply are NOT designed for the kind of plants you grow.

If heavy yields are what you’re after, it is CRITICAL that your fertilizer is cation-rich.

And as you can see in Figure E, Advanced Nutrients’ Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder is rich in cations, like urea — which your plants LOVE — to acidify your growing medium.

The competitor’s product — as with most fertilizers advertised for your specific plants — is NOT cation-rich and does NOT contain urea.

What About Calcium?

Just like a growing child requires more calcium than an adult, so does your crop.

And just like consuming too much calcium as an adult can lead to a host of nasty health problems, giving your plants too much calcium in the bloom phase can lead to calcium toxicity.

Now, as you can see in Figure G, to ensure you Hit the calcium Shift (and avoid the troubles that come from overfeeding calcium), Advanced Nutrients contains less calcium in our Bloom than our Grow.

While the competitor’s product does NOT Hit the calcium Shift.

In fact …

It’s the Same with Boron, Potassium, Zinc, Phosphorus, and Manganese — This Competitor Fails to Hit the Shift in EVERY Area

Every area but one, actually. Yep …

They got ONE thing right — the nitrogen Shift.

However, like so many other companies that advertise that their regular old ag fertilizers are for your plants, they dropped the ball in ALL these other vital areas …

The bottom line is …

The Lead Competitor’s Three Part Nutrient
Is NOT a Good Choice for Your Crops

Not even close.

Now, it is better than giving your crops nothing. And it’s a little better than using ag fertilizer. But it simply does NOT contain what your specific plant needs to express its true genetic potential.

However, here’s the thing …

The lead competitor’s product isn’t the only flawed three part system on the market. In fact …

ALL Three Part Nutrient Systems Are FLAWED

That’s right. ALL three part systems are flawed because they don’t Hit the Shift that occurs between grow and bloom phases.

But, hold on a sec … doesn’t Advanced Nutrients make a three part liquid system?

Yep. It’s called Jungle Juice Grow, Micro, Bloom. And while it’s proven itself to be hands down the best three part system on the market, it doesn’t Hit the Shift and produce results anywhere near what our four part Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder does.

Getting the Micronutrients Right Is Essential for Maximum Compound Production and Yields

In fact, it’s the most critical part of the game. If you don’t get your micronutrients right, yields and potency WILL suffer. Period.

And when the micronutrients are all in one product — like with the competitor’s product — it’s simply impossible to Hit the Shift and get the most from your crops.

Which is why Advanced Nutrients’ Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder contains Part A and Part B — to Hit the Shift and produce the heaviest harvest of the best flowers possible.

It’s the ultimate easy button to increase the value of your crops. Because we’ve done ALL the work for you. Including the decades of research and the tens of millions of dollars we put into it.

All you have to do is pour. We’ve made it that brain-dead simple for you.

Now, there are other four part systems on the market. However …

ONLY Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom Professional Series Hits the Shift

Plenty of fertilizers are advertised for the type of crops you grow these days. But only Advanced Nutrients is optimized to drive those crops to their absolute genetic potential.

The hard truth is that …

Most Companies Claiming Their Products Are for Your Crops Are Actually Just Hawking Ordinary Ag Fertilizer

Look, I understand the learning curves that companies new to our industry’s nutrient space are up against.

In my early years, especially back in the mid-1980s and early-1990s, I made countless mistakes with my crops. These mistakes were a necessary part of the learning process. They’re how I discovered what works and what doesn’t.

Mistakes are how we grow (no pun intended). They’re how we improve. And hopefully the lead competitor’s three-part nutrient is one they’ll learn from.

Now, beyond Hitting the Shift, there are a myriad of other benefits to using Advanced Nutrients over other brands, including …

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder Is Standardized and More Concentrated Than Other Brands

One of the many reasons growers find the competitor’s three part nutrient system challenging to use is that it is NOT standardized.

Whereas Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom is not only 9.7% more concentrated than their product, it’s also standardized, so you’ll use equal amounts when mixing it in your feed tanks (it doesn’t get any simpler than that).

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder Is
Made With ONLY the Highest-Quality Inputs

And we have an unparalleled reputation for purity.

Most of these companies get their elemental inputs from suppliers in China known for their lack of purity.

Advanced Nutrients, on the other hand, gets our inputs from our strategic partner Haifa, in Israel, the global leader in pure inputs for specialty plant fertilizers. And we’ve done so for the past 18 years.

The Advanced Nutrients 100% Money-Back Grower Guarantee

Check labels and you’ll find that most nutrient companies do NOT stand behind their products by offering a money-back guarantee.

At Advanced Nutrients, we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the results our products help you achieve — and that the results will be better than with any other brand — or we’ll give you 100% your money back, no hassles or hard feelings.

And with Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder…

You’re Getting 25 Years of Plant-Specific Research and Technology

That’s something no other brand can say.

Look, you can use ANY fertilizer to grow buds. And fertilizers like the lead competitor’s are definitely better than nothing.

But if you want to maximize potency and yields, blow the minds of your friends and other growers, and command top dollar for your flowers, just like you must use quality genetics, you MUST Hit the Shift.

And that’s something only Advanced Nutrients can achieve.

Get Sensi Grow & Bloom Water-Soluble Powder from your local hydro store…
And put the power of the Shift to work for you in your grow.

Features & Technical Specifications

Water-Soluble Powder Sensi Grow™ Part A Pro Series


Water-Soluble Powder Sensi Grow™ Part B Pro Series


Water-Soluble Powder Sensi Bloom™ Part A Pro Series


Water-Soluble Powder Sensi Bloom™ Part B Pro Series


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Usually, it’s not a problem. But some products are incompatible with each other and can damage your plants when they’re used together. For example, bloom boosters with high PK numbers or low-grade silica products can destabilize your nutrient mix and cause nutrient lockout.

Nutrient manufacturers design their products to be used with each other. In doing so, they include specific portions of each nutrient in each product, so crops receive the right nutrition through each stage of the grow cycle. When you stick with one manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about inadvertently destabilizing your nutrient mixture. One example of why you need to stick with only one manufacturer’s products is Advanced Nutrients’ pH Perfect line. These products are designed to keep your crops’ root zone within a specific pH range. When you use them alongside products from another manufacturer, we can’t guarantee your root zone will maintain its optimal pH level.

Yes! If you’re growing with Advanced Nutrients products, you can use our easy nutrient calculator to generate the correct nutrient chart for your crops in seconds. Check out Advanced Nutrients’ nutrient calculator here. Another great resource is our library of free custom-growing recipes. Try our expert grower-tested nutrient schedules here.

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Yes! If for any reason you are not absolutely thrilled with the results you achieve when you use our products, just bring the unused portion, along with your original sales receipt, back to the place of purchase within six months, and ask for your money back. Find out more about our Grower Guarantee here.

Advanced Nutrients has spent many thousands of man-hours developing a technology that automatically balances your pH for you — putting it in the “sweet spot” and holding it there for one week.

And the technology is so “smart” that it can account for many of the aforementioned variables in your grow room. Our proprietary pH buffering agents and stabilizing mechanisms became the foundation of a new system aptly called pH Perfect® Technology. Learn all about it here.

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