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Starter Kit

Starter Kit ā€” European Market

Vegetative Stage Blooming Stage Indoor / Outdoor Regular Watering Watering Systems Hydroponics Coco Coir Safe
Advanced Nutrients European Starter Kit for growers
Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit for European Market - What's inside
Advanced Nutrients Available Product Sizes

Starter Kit

Starter Kit ā€” European Market

Vegetative Stage Blooming Stage Indoor / Outdoor Regular Watering Watering Systems Hydroponics Coco Coir Safe
Big Bud Feeding Chart - Grow Phase
Big Bud Feeding Chart - Bloom Phase

Grow Phase

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
2 mL/L
2 mL/L
2 mL/L

Bloom Phase

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
2 mL/L
2 mL/L
2 mL/L

Easily Grow a Huge, Lush, Aromatic Garden ā€” Even If Itā€™s Your First Crop

Home growers in Europe can achieve a bountiful harvest in just eight to twelve weeks when they put the Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit to work for their crops. Instead of spending years fine tuning the optimal feeding program, this curated collection of products provides you with a proven method for consistently cultivating big, sticky, sugar-coated flowers.

Take a look inside the European Starter Kitā€¦

  • pH PerfectĀ® Sensi Grow & Bloom: formulated with pH PerfectĀ® Technology, these base nutrients automatically adjust pH levels to the sweet spot for vigorous growth
  • Big BudĀ®: the industryā€™s best-selling bloom booster proven to raise bud weight and trusted by top growers in 117 countries
  • Voodoo JuiceĀ®: Put the power of beneficial microbes to work for a more robust root system, resulting in large, high-quality yields
  • Bud CandyĀ®: your secret weapon for huge, flavorful, sugar-coated flowers
  • OverdriveĀ®: a unique formulation that maintains floral development through the last few weeks of bloom phase (when most plants slow down!)
  • B-52Ā®: your best defense against abiotic stresses for thriving, vigorous crops
  • Bonus Products: The European Starter Kit also contains a trichome magnifier, measuring cup, feed chart, and two 10mL pipettes, so youā€™re fully prepared to get the most from your crops!

This product is specially designed for use with diverse hydroponic growing media and all continuous liquid-feed growing systems such as aeroponics, drip irrigation and emitters, NFT, flood and drain, and deep water culture.

ATTENTION: This product is completely compatible with all pH Perfect Base Nutrients as well as with all non pH Perfect Base Nutrients and supplements and all competitors Base Nutrients and supplements.

NOTE: At Advanced Nutrients, we do not use paclobutrazol, daminozide, or any other banned plant growth regulators in our products.

The Braindead Simple WAY to Grow Bountiful Harvests of Eye-Popping Flowers Like a Seasoned Pro

Growers in 117 countries consider it the single most effective way to increase yields and maximize bud weight.

Cup winners swear by its science for developing fuller, more potent flowers.

Top plant scientists have quit their day jobs for the chance to work on these next-generation solutions.

And even NEW growersā€¦

Who have rolled up their sleeves and planted their very first seedsā€¦

Are amazed by the lush, potent harvests theyā€™re growing.

In fact, what weā€™re about to share with you has been SO game changing for the industry, other fertilizer companies have tried ā€” and failed ā€” to replicate the proprietary technology inside these productsā€¦

And in spite of their best effortsā€¦

They simply cannot compete with the size, quality, and yields achieved by following THIS feeding recipe instead.

See, until this solution was availableā€¦

There Were NO Fertilizers Designed For the Kinds of Plants You Grow

And if you were in the unfortunate situation of growing before this revolutionary innovation came to market in 1999ā€¦

Youā€™d be left with nothing better than tomato food to optimize the genetic potential of your crops.

No research had been done on the plant genusā€¦

And those who did have the experience to know what to do jealously guarded their secrets to keep a leg up on the competition.

That isā€¦

Until One Grower Took Matters Into His Own Hands

In 1983, Michael ā€˜BigMikeā€™ Straumietis planted his first seed in the ground.

And despite killing his first cropā€¦

Despite trudging his way through every possible obstacle thrown at growers back then (there were a LOT)ā€¦

He fell in love with the plant. And he made it his life mission to bring it to its true genetic potential.

By 1999, he was a renowned master grower.

And instead of keeping his secret recipes tucked awayā€¦

He founded Advanced Nutrients.

Today, Advanced Nutrients Is The No. 1 Nutrient Brand on the Planet

And their nutrients present a tried and tested solution some of the worldā€™s most talented growers swear by for raising bud weight crop after crop.

In fact, Advanced Nutrientsā€™ products help hundreds of thousands of growers cultivate vibrant, green, compound-rich crops.

You see, after introducing 55 innovations to the hydroponics industryā€¦

Employing the worldā€™s top plant-specific scientists to decode the genus of these flowersā€¦

And developing proprietary technology only available to a team with decades of research and development beneath their beltsā€¦

Advanced Nutrients became the ultimate solution for growing lush, vibrant plantsā€¦

Without scouring the forums and getting overwhelmed by all the contradictory adviceā€¦

Without second guessing yourself every step of the wayā€¦

And withOUT flushing time and money down the drain through unnecessary ā€œtrial and error.ā€

Which is whyā€¦

Weā€™ve Curated a Full Suite of Our Best-Selling Nutrients

So growers who are new to the line can effortlessly apply the tricks of the trade to their garden.

You see, when you use our nine top-selling nutrient formulas available in the Starter Kit, youā€™re benefiting from 22 years of research and development.

And youā€™llā€¦

  • Unchain yourself from the guesswork so many new growers face when dialing in their perfect recipe
  • Bypass the pH issue that cripples most novice harvestsā€¦ Our proprietary pH Perfect Technology automatically adjusts pH levels to the sweet spot, ensuring all nutrients stay available to your plants at ALL times
  • Put the industryā€™s single most effective bloom booster to work in your garden and watch in amazement as heavy, potent bud ripens to its fullest potential
  • Cut through the wild misinformation about what your crops needs and put years of cutting-edge research into the tissues of your plants

And so much more.

Just imagine the look of complete and utter shock on your friendsā€™ faces when they come over and see what youā€™ve been up toā€¦

And that priceless feeling of accomplishment that comes from doing something newā€¦

The RIGHT way.

THATā€™s whatā€™s waiting for you when you put these nutrients to work for your plants.

Of course, youā€™re probably wondering what exactly youā€™re getting in your Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit.

So letā€™s go ahead and take a deep dive into the box right nowā€¦

When You Open the Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit, Youā€™ll Have Nine Best-in-Class Formulas At Your Fingertips

And to make it as easy as possible for youā€¦

Weā€™ve also included a feeding chart designed by our grow experts, so you know exactly how and when to use each nutrient included in the kit.

Hereā€™s everything youā€™re gettingā€¦

  • pH PerfectĀ® SENSI GROW Part A&B AND pH Perfect SENSI BLOOM Part A&B: Feed your plants optimal ratios of macro, micro, and secondary nutrients. Engineered with our pH Perfect technology, weā€™ve ensured these nutrients will stay available to your plants at ALL times for vigorous vegetation and a bountiful bloom phase.
  • BUD CANDYĀ®: Put the industryā€™s leading horticultural formula to work in your garden and watch your flowers explode with full, sugar-coated buds.
  • BIG BUDĀ®: Unleash the power of the most legendary bloom booster on the planet. Big Bud features the optimal PK spike for prolific floweringā€¦ A precise ratio no tomato fertilizer can provide.
  • OVERDRIVEĀ®: Blow your friends away at harvest time simply by adding this one late-season bloom booster to your bloom phase routine. While most grows are slowing down, yours will be packing on weight.
  • VOODOO JUICEĀ®: Apply the secret tricks of professional growers and notice the difference right away. Voodoo Juice delivers hand-selected microbes to your root zone, optimizing conditions for bigger roots and bigger flowers.
  • B-52Ā®: Packed with a B-vitamin complex, kelp, and an essential nutrient blend, B-52 is the go-to product for fending off abiotic stressors and supporting a smooth transition from veg to flower.

Hereā€™s where it gets even better.

Once you open the kit, youā€™ll quickly discover that it couldnā€™t be easier to mix these nutrients into your solutionā€¦

And stack them into one premium feeding program for your high-value plants.

We even took it a step further, though.

See, weā€™re committed to providing you with everything you need to feel 100% confident about your grow, whether itā€™s your first time working with this plant or simply your first time using Advanced Nutrients.

So weā€™ve included a trichome magnifier, measuring cup, feed chart, and two 10ML pipettes in each kit, making it easier than ever to grow your own garden.

All you need to do to experience these groundbreaking products is head to a local grow store today and ask for the Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit.

Then follow the instructions on the feed chartā€¦

And watch in amazement as you grow the juicy, potent buds it takes other growers years to master.

And if youā€™re already feeling a rush of excitement about your grow journey, then we invite you to get started NOW.

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Over time, components within the nutrients settle on the bottom of the bottle. When you pour a bottle without shaking it, you can potentially be pouring out an unbalanced solution. Shaking up the nutrient bottle ensures you are pouring the right blend into your reservoir, giving your crops the nutrition they need.

Usually, itā€™s not a problem. But some products are incompatible with each other and can damage your plants when theyā€™re used together. For example, bloom boosters with high PK numbers or low-grade silica products can destabilize your nutrient mix and cause nutrient lockout.

Nutrient manufacturers design their products to be used with each other. In doing so, they include specific portions of each nutrient in each product, so crops receive the right nutrition through each stage of the grow cycle. When you stick with one manufacturer, you donā€™t have to worry about inadvertently destabilizing your nutrient mixture. One example of why you need to stick with only one manufacturerā€™s products is Advanced Nutrientsā€™ pH Perfect line. These products are designed to keep your cropsā€™ root zone within a specific pH range. When you use them alongside products from another manufacturer, we canā€™t guarantee your root zone will maintain its optimal pH level.

Yes! If youā€™re growing with Advanced Nutrients products, you can use our easy nutrient calculator to generate the correct nutrient chart for your crops in seconds. Check out Advanced Nutrientsā€™ nutrient calculator here. Another great resource is our library of free custom-growing recipes. Try our expert grower-tested nutrient schedules here.

You can also download our official BudLabs app to generate nutrient schedules and receive real-time notifications for specific tasks, including feeding your crops. Upgrade to BudLabs Pro to maintain profiles on an unlimited number of crops.

If you are a grower, visit this link to find the closest Advanced Nutrients Authorized Retailer. If you are a retailer, visit this link to identify our official distributors.

Our greatest passion is growing great cannabisā€”and helping other growers do the same. Thatā€™s why we offer complimentary cultivation support 24/7 from Monday to Friday and from 9 AM until 7 PM PST on Saturdayā€¦ With the same level of advice licensed producers would pay consultants tens of thousands of dollars to unlock.
Just call 1-800-640-9605 or email support@advancednutrients.com. For Spanish-speaking growers, email spanishsupport@advancednutrients.com.

Yes! If for any reason you are not absolutely thrilled with the results you achieve when you use our products, just bring the unused portion, along with your original sales receipt, back to the place of purchase within six months, and ask for your money back. Find out more about our Grower Guarantee here.

Advanced Nutrients has spent many thousands of man-hours developing a technology that automatically balances your pH for you ā€” putting it in the ā€œsweet spotā€ and holding it there for one week.

And the technology is so ā€œsmartā€ that it can account for many of the aforementioned variables in your grow room. Our proprietary pH buffering agents and stabilizing mechanisms became the foundation of a new system aptly called pH PerfectĀ® Technology. Learn all about it here.

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