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Welcome to Advanced Nutrients’ secret menu, where you’ll uncover a world of legacy products that top growers in 110+ countries swear by.

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From old-school three part base nutrient systems to bloom boosters that kick-start flowering, the secret menu is home to a unique selection of Advanced Nutrients’ most prized products from over the years.

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Jungle Juice® Grow, Micro, Bloom

Flexibility is everything. Jungle Juice enables growers to dial in their own ratios of macro, secondary, and micronutrients for vigorous vegetation and floral productivity. Growers who make the switch to this three-part base nutrient system enjoy the customizable aspects they know and love, with tighter quality control standards and best-in-class ingredients.

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The perfect complement to your root mass expanders, Carboload® nourishes the beneficial microbes in your root zone for increased nutrient absorption and an abundant crop. Complex carbohydrates derived from proprietary gum extract team up with a carefully curated menu of simple carbohydrates, delivering your cannabis plants a robust source of energy that creates the optimal conditions to fuel bigger flowers.

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Kushie Kush

Great for growing your favorite OG strain, Kushie Kush is a premium bud bulker engineered exclusively for kush. After years of research, our team of experts identified a kush-specific PK spike for maximizing yields and fattening up buds. While generic bloom boosters inadvertently overload plants with too much phosphorus, our formula relies on slightly more potassium, meeting the fundamental nutrient requirements of your specific plant strain.

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pH-Up & pH-Down

Say goodbye to nutrient lockout and hello to heavier cannabis harvests. Our scientists engineered pH Up with Caustic potash and pH Down with Phosphoric Acid, so you can easily achieve the ideal pH levels for optimal nutrient absorption. We’ve developed these highly stable buffers to give you precise control over your pH, even after dilution or adjustments between reservoir changes.

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