The True Tale of Two Cannabis Growers

Dear fellow grower:

Last harvest season, two growers arrived at a distributor’s, eager to sell the buds they’d each recently harvested.

Ryan Zuccaro and his more seasoned neighbor, known locally as “Boss Man,” both had over a decade of experience and operated state-licensed twenty-acre commercial farms near each other in Nevada County in Northern California.

They Both Grew the Same Strains

In fact, they did almost everything the same…

  • Same genetics from the same set of mother plants at the same nursery
  • Same climate
  • Same soil
  • Same hoop houses

Everything… except one thing.

Ryan grew with Advanced Nutrients and Boss Man did not.

And that one thing made all the difference in the world.

Ryan’s crops significantly out-yielded Boss Man’s.

“My yields were insane,” Ryan says…

“Yield, Flavor, and Quality — I Blew Him Away”

The distributor couldn’t believe the difference.

Ryan’s buds…

  • Looked better (the flowers were denser and packed with more crystals)
  • Smelled and tasted better
  • And (as the COAs showed) had substantially higher cannabinoid levels

Ryan’s Georgia Pie, Ice Cream Cake, and Apple Fritter all tested between 27-30+% THC, with his Peanut Butter Skittles coming in at…

A Whopping 30.5% THC With 37% Total Cannabinoids

Now, Boss Man’s product wasn’t bad.

He knows how to grow quality cannabis and his pounds were good.

They just weren’t anything like Ryan’s buds, which were…


However, this was harvest season in Northern California and the market was FLOODED with flower.

Cannabis is notoriously tough to sell in Northern California during harvest season.

And this was the toughest year ever.

Right before harvest season, a Forbes article “It’s Gonna Be A Bloodbath: Epic Marijuana Oversupply Is Flooding California, Jeopardizing Legalization” reported that…

“According to one rough estimate, California’s legal cultivators grow more than three times as much cannabis as is sold in legal dispensaries. Whatever the exact figure, the common belief is that it’s so much cannabis that the market is flooded, prices are crashing, and legal growers—in the red this year—may finally be forced out of business.”

That’s the hard reality for growers. Especially for growers whose flowers are just “good” like Boss Man’s.

So it made sense that the distributor wasn’t interested in purchasing many of Boss Man’s pounds.

In fact, it took Boss Man quite a while to offload his product.

And when he was finally able to sell it all, he didn’t get nearly as much money for it as he’d hoped.

However, it was a completely different story with Ryan.

The distributor was so impressed with Ryan’s product they bought his entire lot, for top dollar, in one fell swoop. It sold faster than other cannabis at the showing.

That’s because Ryan…

Brought His Cannabis to Its True Genetic Potential

Now, prior to trying Advanced Nutrients, Ryan was like a lot of growers — skeptical.

He was also desperate. He couldn’t afford another year in the red.

Without a profitable year, his farm, Fresh Off the Hill, would go under.

And with the market like it is, he NEEDED to grow the best possible product. But to do that, he needed to do something different.

So he tried Advanced Nutrients in four of his ten greenhouses…

He ran Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect® Sensi Base Nutrients and Voodoo Juice®. Once the plants went into flower, he ran Advanced Nutrients’ Bud Candy®, Bud Ignitor® and Big Bud®.

And for the first time in Ryan’s career as a grower, he was able to Hit the Shift and fulfill his crops’ phase-specific nutritional requirements.

“I saw results within just TWO days,” he says. “IMMEDIATELY those four greenhouses grew SO much better than the other six.

Grow Bigger Better Buds

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“The Plants Took Off at Such a Rate It Seemed Unexplainable”

“Within just one week of starting the bloom phase, we saw buds,” he continues. “I was BLOWN AWAY. It was SO exciting.

“I went on a four- or five-day vacation, and when I came back, my mouth was on the floor. Everything swelled up SO much. I walked around for an hour in shock!

“I couldn’t wait to wake up each morning, and hurry down to the greenhouses to see the results. I could see the difference with each feeding.

“It Was Such a Different Experience than ALL My Previous Years Growing”

Ryan wasted no time hitting the other six greenhouses with Advanced Nutrients.

A couple of weeks before his flush, he ran Advanced Nutrients’s Overdrive®, which promotes an extra burst of flowering in the late bloom phase.

“We got IMMEDIATE results with that too,” Ryan says. “It did INCREDIBLE things for our flowers. You could see all the added resin and the terpenes, all these new white hairs on the buds.”

And at each milestone, Ryan called his Advanced Nutrients rep, Vic.

“Vic genuinely shared my excitement,” Ryan says. “He was with me every step of the way, eliminating any guesswork and helping me do away with things I didn’t need to waste money on.

“And Advanced Nutrients products aren’t just better than the others, they’re…

“The Easiest Products I’ve Ever Used”

“They make everything easier. Running a farm is A LOT of work. And when it’s easy to feed, that makes your whole life so much easier.”

What used to take Ryan’s head grower multiple days with other brands, he now does with Advanced in just a few hours.

And it’s all because Ryan used Advanced Nutrients.

The Forbes article states that…

“Cannabis produced in the massive farms that are killing the small growers just isn’t as good.”

And one of the primary reasons the article gives for this inferior cannabis is that, “The nutrient mixes are wrong.”

Science PROVES That To Grow the Best Possible Cannabis, You MUST Hit the Shift and Fulfill Your Plants’ Phase-Specific Nutritional Requirements

Ryan and Boss Man did everything the same — except one thing.

Ryan fed his crops Advanced Nutrients and Hit the Shift and Boss Man relied on other brands and missed the Shift.

And as such, Ryan…

  • Grew superior cannabis
  • Yielded more
  • Sold his cannabis quicker
  • Pulled in more money per pound
  • Enjoyed an easier, more efficient season
  • Had a much more profitable season

“Our numbers CRUSHED it!”
Ryan says excitedly. “Seeing that big of a difference between what we grew and what Boss Man grew, right there in our numbers, made me feel GREAT.”

Advanced Nutrients LITERALLY Saved His Farm From Going Under

It also made Ryan a happier person.

“When the plants are happy,” Ryan says, “I’m happy. And because my plants were so happy, I was ECSTATIC the entire time.”

Ryan plans to run ALL Advanced Nutrients next year.

He says, “If by investing a couple of thousand extra dollars in nutrients, we’re going to…

Pull an Extra Couple Hundred Pounds of Fantastic Buds…

… then it’d be stupid NOT to do that.”


Growers like Ryan in 117+ countries know that…

No other line produces the kind of return on investment that Advanced Nutrients does.

And that’s because no other line Hits the Shift.

See what Ryan has to say about Advanced Nutrients in this video…

Discover How to Hit the Shift and Bring YOUR Cannabis to Its True Genetic Potential

Hit the Shift HERE

Now, we can’t promise you that you’ll achieve the exact same results as Ryan.

But we can guarantee that if you are not absolutely thrilled with the results you get with Advanced Nutrients products, we’ll refund your money.

That’s because ALL Advanced Nutrients products are covered by our…

Ironclad 100% Money-Back Grower Guarantee

And like Ryan relied on Vic to help him get the most out of his crops, you can work closely with our Advanced Nutrients Grower Support team to bring YOUR cannabis to its true genetic potential.

And it won’t cost you a thing.

Because Advanced Nutrients has…

Free Grower Support

Leland Jeffrey in Lake Ozark, MO says…

“I got help from Andy, a master grower with Advanced Nutrients Grower Support who’s been with the company for over 20 years. Andy talked to me with respect and did what I think we’ve lost in this world—he LISTENED and showed me that he CARED. He treated me like a friend.

He understood what it’s like trying to filter through an impossible amount of information on growing out there.

Over a two hour conversation, Andy took all my growing goals into account and gave me complete guidance. He walked me through everything I needed to know.

But it didn’t stop there…

Andy regularly reviewed photos of my garden and took time EVERY WEEK to help me on the phone, from seed to cure.

Andy gave me a college degree in growing—for FREE!”

Leland Jeffrey
Grower in Lake Ozark, MO

And grower Dan Witkowsky says…

“Most sites have a contact number but the people who answer it really are not that well versed in the subject matter and often quote from the internet or personal opinions rather than science-based facts. And many times that leads to poor or bad information.

Advanced Nutrients is NOT that type of company.

I felt like Andy in Grower Support was my best bro. He wanted me to succeed. He asked all the right questions, spent a lot of time with me and taught me so much in such a little time. And that’s priceless information. I did not expect this.

When I spend upwards of $2,000.00 on nutrients but then get this level of service, I feel I got a bargain on the service and knowledge which is priceless and the nutrients were free. You just can’t pay for what Andy gave me in a single day. It would take months on the internet to try to figure out what’s right and wrong… and then of course the trial and error.

Andy gave explanations for everything. I feel like I graduated college after our 2nd call.

No time limits, he answered all my concerns, issues and problems and gave me straight advice, all of which has worked extremely well. You can tell his passion and that he is totally into this.

It was the most enlightening experience I have had in the last 10 years. He really cared.

People see my grow and I give credit to the information I got from Andy in Advanced Nutrients Grower Support for my success. WOW!!!”

Dan Witkowsky

Advanced Nutrients Has Been Helping Growers
Cultivate the Best Cannabis Possible Since 1999

Founder and CEO BigMike Straumietis began growing cannabis in 1983 (during the dark ages of our industry).

In 1999, he launched Advanced Nutrients, the only complete cannabis growing system that optimizes all phases of the vegetative and bloom cycles to bring your crops to their true genetic potential.

Advanced Nutrients soon received one of the earliest licenses in the world from a national government to grow cannabis for research purposes (when such licenses were almost impossible to get).

This enabled the research and development department to expand to over two dozen top PhD cannabis scientists, who’ve helped BigMike make 55 key breakthroughs that have revolutionized the way cannabis is cultivated worldwide.

Grow With Advanced Nutrients

  • The ONLY brand that “Hits the Shift
  • Easy to use
  • Larger yields
  • Cleaner, safer, higher-quality flowers
  • Behind more cup wins than any other brand
  • Winner of countless industry awards, including Best Cannabis Nutrient Brand 2022 by Grow Diaries, and Big Bud was voted the Best Nutrient 2022 by Spannabis, the largest and most recognized cannabis event in Europe
  • Vetted by growers in 117+ countries
  • Backed by more science than any other brand
  • The only line with pH Perfect® technology, freeing you from constantly checking and adjusting your pH
  • Unparalleled grower support Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM PST 1-800-640-9605.
  • Greatest ROI for commercial growers
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Discover How to Hit the Shift and Bring YOUR Cannabis to Its True Genetic Potential

Hit the Shift HERE

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See what growers are saying below

“Large Yields of Super Clean, Consistent, High-Quality Bud”

I’ve been using Advanced Nutrients since 2009. The large yields it gives me of super clean, consistent, high-quality bud keeps my customers coming back and enables me to run a profitable facility.

There’s no doubt, running a facility is A LOT of work. But one of the great things about Advanced Nutrients is that it allows me to focus on other aspects of growing because I know my nutrients are dialed in.

My favorite product is Bud Factor X. NOTHING increased resin in those last few weeks like it. You’ll DEFINITELY notice an increase in yields if you’re doing any sort of extract.

I grew my Ace of Spades strain with it and my bud tested at 28.9% THC. I entered it into Squash Off with Uncle Stoner at the Boston Freedom Rally and took 2nd place.

In my experience, Advanced Nutrients is ALWAYS worth the extra, because it gives my customers the bud they want.

Steve Johnson
Grower in Maine

“The Difference in Trichome Production and Overall Quality is Unbelievable!”

“I’ve tried just about every nutrient line out there—you name it, I’ve tried it. And I’ve done just about everything you can do with cannabis in both the medical and recreational markets.

And without a shadow of a doubt, I’ve NEVER used a product line that produces better quality, better resin, and better flavors than Advanced Nutrients.

The difference in trichome production and overall bud quality is unbelievable! I love the entire line and there’s magic when you run them together. The results are incredible.

Growing with Advanced Nutrients produces exceptional product. And when you have an exceptional product, it’s extremely easy to sell and earn repeat business.

Many of my grower friends are familiar with the strains I grow because they grow them too. And they can always tell by the quality of my product that I grew with Advanced Nutrients. The results are evident.

To me, using the Advanced line is just no brainer.”

Tyler Hanson
Heavyweight Gardens Bellingham, Washington

“Makes Cultivating High-THC and -Terpene Product EASY”

“One of the strains we grow with Advanced Nutrients tested 31.87% THC with over 40% total cannabinoids, which at the time was one of the highest ever by a state certified lab.

And our terpenes have been phenomenal. We have four strains that are over 4% terpenes and three that are over 5% terpenes! Our Zsweet Insanity tested at 5.28% terpenes, our Inzane in the Membrane at 5.37% terpenes, and our flagship Durban C99 tested at 6.09% terpenes.

Advanced Nutrients’ Bud Candy is definitely behind these high terpene levels.

However I’m a huge believer in ALL Advanced Nutrients products. Using their whole formula makes cultivating high-THC and -terpene product EASY.

The dispensaries we sell to, which often offer 40-60 strains, frequently tell us that our products are better and have higher terpenes than anything else they carry.

It’s awesome when they say this because we’re competing against 50-60 other grows per dispensary. It feels GREAT to receive that kind of recognition. And a HUGE part of this is because we grow with Advanced Nutrients.

I also appreciate that we have our own Advanced Nutrients rep who visits our facility. This helps tremendously and makes our lives easier.


Jerry Cartwright
M&J Craft Cannabis Inc. in Jenks, Oklahoma

“Growing With Advanced Nutrients, Everything Just Coasts Along So Easy, So Smooth”

“I LOVE Advanced Nutrients. Been using them for ten years now, my entire grow career.

The products produce big yields and VERY healthy crops. I never see any yellowing, any purpling. And everything just coasts along so easy, so smooth.

It’s a phenomenally easy and productive line.

And I really love their Coco line. I’ve turned so many people onto it. It’s just so easy. And it really shows how knowledgeable the team at Advanced is.

You typically run into a lot of issues with coco around week four or week five, a flowering lockout, things like that.

But you will NEVER experience lockout like that with Advanced.

They’ve got their ratios perfected. Anytime you increase potassium, you need to increase calcium. They understand these things that just makes it so easy on you.

As growers, we shouldn’t have to rack our brains over the best ratios and everything like that. The nutrient companies do that for us. Let them handle it. Which is what Advanced does.

Advanced has made my life a million times easier.

It’s SOOO easy to use.

And the way Overdrive makes the Calyx swell — damn!

I’m on the underground side of things and don’t compete in cups, but the praise I get for the product I grow with Advanced is FAR better than ANY trophy I could win.

I worked at a grow shop for years and I’ve tried EVERYTHING on the market just so I could be as knowledgeable and explain everything to everybody about what the best choices are, what are the easiest products and so on.

But there’s just NOTHING on the market like Advanced. And NOTHING’s as easy.

I’ve turned most every grower in my area onto Advanced.

I mean, when you use it, you get huge, chucky nugs that sell themselves.

The MAC 1 strain from Capulator that I’m growing with Advanced right now is hitting 29% to 30% THC.

It’s so awesome, always having people acknowledge how good my shit is. They’d NEVER guess how easy Advanced makes growing it. Never.

Which is why I will live and die by Advanced FOREVER.

Advanced has made my life a million times easier.

Vinnie Beer
Grower, Fresno, CA

“Advanced’s Organic Line — Increasing Yield By 20-30% — a TREMENDOUS Return on Investment”

“I’m a farmer and owner of Green Ox, a distribution company in Humboldt, California. We have a network of farms and work with about 120 growers or farmers throughout Humboldt County.

As a farmer, I use Advanced Nutrients’ Organic line because it increases yield and creates a better quality product. On the processor/distributor side, it makes my life and job easier because I’m now capturing that same, top-quality product. And I’m taking product to market that’s more appealing than competitive products that aren’t grown with Advanced’s organic line.

When cannabis comes across my desk, there’s absolutely a noticeable difference between the product grown with Advanced Nutrients and cannabis grown with lower level nutrients.

For three seasons now we’ve been running the Advanced Organic line on commercial scale. We’re running about five and a half acres of light deprivation with the organic line.

We’re still conditioning our soil, still building our soil ecology, but we’re using the Advanced line with the top-feeding method as an added bonus. And we’ve seen BIG results, massive yield increases.

And then, from the distributor’s perspective, we create a final product that’s grown with minimal inputs and very minimal energy costs, that is a far superior product. And it looks like it was grown indoors.

Spending the extra money on Advanced Nutrients gives us a greater return on the ROI.

If I’m increasing yield by 20-30%, depending on the scale of their operation, it’s a tremendous return on investment.

And by using the sustainable OG Organics line—with its organic inputs—we’re able to reuse our medium as well. So we’re not dealing with any buildups in our soil. There are zero salts, so we’re able to reuse our soil seasonally. We don’t have to deal with the cost of switching our soils up.

Farmer and owner of Green Ox in Eureka, California

”We’ve Tried Other Brands, Thinking it Would Help Us Cut Costs, But They DEFINITELY Do NOT Create The Kind of Product That Sells Out and Is Always In Demand Like Advanced Does For Us—With Advanced, Just About Every Strain In Our House Is Testing at 29-35% THC, Our Total Cannabinoids are Consistently at 36-38%, and Our Buds Get Rave Reviews”

“I own Gro KC in Oklahoma City and have been using Advanced Nutrients for three years now. With Advanced, just about every strain in our house is testing at 29-35% THC and our total cannabinoids are consistently at 36-38%. And we have the full entourage effect with terpenes.

We run the full Advanced regimen…I love it. It’s on point!

Bud Ignitor gives us new flower development within three to four days, helping us speed to market with a better quality product. It gets rid of that transition week we used to have.

Rhino Skin stiffens our stocks, giving us hearty, healthy stocks. We don’t need to use as many stakes when we use Rhino Skin. Without it, we had quite a few floppy, heavy, heavy donks. We no longer have that issue.

We run Cal-Mag and Sensizym in every feeding. We call it ‘fresh water’—our ‘fresh water’ is basically Cal-Mag and Sensizym.

And then at the very end, we use Flawless Finish to finish strong.

Running Advanced, we’re always giving our plants what they need and crave and our buds get rave reviews. We’re going three years strong in the medical market in Oklahoma and we’re sold out at all times and everybody’s talking about how great our bud is.

We’ve tried other brands, thinking it would help cut costs, but they DEFINITELY do NOT create the kind of product that sells out and is always in demand like Advanced does for us.

We love putting clean medicine out to the patients. We got into this for the patients and we’re still in it for the patients. We love having clean products, which is what we get with Advanced Nutrients. And their customer service is fantastic.”

Hunter Musser
Grower and owner of Gro KC in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Advanced Nutrients Results Feedback - Amir Isackson and Boris Cooperman and Exotic Strains, Edmonton, Alberta“We’ve Only Been Groing For 2 Years, But with Advanced Nutrients We Won the Highest THC Award at Hempfest Cannabis Cup in Calgary”

“When we tried our first Advanced Nutrients product, it was clear right away that we were onto something amazing. The difference was incredible.

We’ve experimented with other brands but were unable to reach anywhere near the density, weight, and quality wet get with Advanced Nutrients.

And the more Advanced Nutrients products we used, the better our results kept getting.

I love so many of their products. I love how Big Bud helps us grow big, beautiful buds. And, wow, Bud Ignitor. Without Bud Ignitor, it took us 14 days to see good buds. With Bud Ignitor, we were able to cut that down to 7-8 days. And with Carboload and Bud Candy we’ve seen faster growth and were able to completely do away with nutrient burns. Plus our buds got A LOT bigger.

And with Flawless Finish we get a perfect ppm. Our crops are absolutely clean and burn pure white with no harshness or coughs.

And then there’s potency. Our recent lab results came back at 35.04% total THC and with THCA 38.7%.

We immediately sent a message to the Advanced Nutrients team for helping us achieve such potent flowers. And get this…we’ve only been growing for 2 years!

Even though we’re just getting started, at the Hempfest Cannabis Cup in Calgary we won the award for highest THC!

Amir Isackson and Boris Cooperman
Exotic Strains, Edmonton, Alberta

“We Won All Our Cups with Advanced Nutrients”

“I’ve been in the hydro industry for over 11 years. Growing with Advanced Nutrients we won a number of Cups.

The line made our plants terpier, more colorful, denser, and higher-quality.

But part of both growing and business is trying and failing. And that’s what happened when we messed around with other nutrient lines. Our buds were still good because we’re good growers, but the quality just wasn’t as good as it was with Advanced. And we weren’t able to sell our buds for as much.

In fact, growing with other brands, the price we were able to sell our buds for dropped by 40%. And we weren’t winning cups.

We’d won all our Cups on Advanced.

And when we looked at other growers who were getting top dollar for their flowers, they were using Advanced.

We needed to get back to what had gotten us to where we were and enabled us to win the Cups. And that was Advanced Nutrients. So we switched back and the quality of our product came back and we were again able to get top dollar for our buds. The increase in price points we were able to get was tremendous.

And the Advanced’s line is always consistent, giving us consistent quality flowers. The market demands consistency, and with Advanced, that’s what we’re able to give them.

We’re super happy that BigMike—a pioneer of the cannabis industry since 1983—has made this nutrient line by growers, for growers. He puts his heart into the nutrients and makes sure that, in the end, you get out of your crop what you want.

We’re stoked that he’s paving the way for our industry.”

Sean Townsend
Founder and Owner of HydroBoys

Discover How to Hit the Shift and Bring YOUR Cannabis to Its True Genetic Potential

Hit the Shift HERE

Alex Head Grower at HydroBoys - Advanced Nutrients reviews“Advanced Nutrients Is What Made People Pay More for Our Product”

“OG used to go for $4K a pound. Then the price of everyone else’s OG dropped. Not ours. Advanced kept us at $4K per pound while everyone else had to sell their OG for less. Advanced Nutrients is what made people pay more for our product.

And with Advanced, we’ve won Cups with our 15-year-old OG strain.

We tried other brands but the quality of our buds just wasn’t the same as it was with Advanced. So we went back to growing with it and got the quality back.

Advanced Nutrients is the line that got me to where I am today.”

Head Grower HydroBoys

“Advanced Nutrients Is Our GO-TO Line”

“My store, Grow Maxx, has been in Iron Mountain, MI for 9 years now, and Advanced Nutrients encompasses around 40% of our total nutrient sales.

My favorite Advanced Nutrients products are the pH Perfect Base Nutrients. As a store owner, it’s a no-brainer to hand my customers a couple bottles and say, ‘Don’t worry about a pH meter. Just pour a couple ounces of each in a 5-gallon pail and start watering.’ For customers who want to run a nutrient program it just makes everything so easy. What’s also awesome is that all of the base nutrients are mixed in a 2 to 1 ratio with all of the boosters!

My favorite standalone product is Bud Factor X. It makes my plants glisten with resin! And with the increase in resin production, our weight increases. It also cuts watering time down to almost nothing. We have pumpers in all of the bottles so they’re SUPER easy to mix in a 5 gallon bucket. Two pumps of A and B plus one pump of any booster you want to add. It’s really hard to mess it up.

I love the ease of use with Advanced Nutrients and the FIRE end product they produce.

Let’s face it, to harvest the best product you need to invest a little bit of money, but the reward that comes from feeding with Advanced Nutrients FAR outweighs the cost for sure!

Everyone who runs Advanced Nutrients has the best finished product I see. It’s our go-to line because it’s easy to use and produces AWESOME product. It’s what WE run, and what our most successful customers run. It’s as simple as that.”

Dave Fraser
Grow Maxx

“Over 14,575 Plants Yearly … Not a Single Deficiency In 5 Years”

“I run Advanced Nutrients Coco Connoisseur and a full Grandmaster bundle.

I haven’t had a single deficiency in almost five years using Advanced Nutrients. And last year alone, I pumped out a total perpetual yearly crop of over 14,575 plants.

Thanks to Advanced Nutrients. I truly am able to get a system down and get a rhythm. I couldn’t be happier, I’m doing what I love.

Advanced Nutrients is a great brand that truly cares about their customers, life, and the movement.”

Cameron Arnold

“My Plants are Twice as Big,
Bushy, and Beautiful”

“I’ve been using Bud Ignitor for years for every single harvest.

My plants get twice as big, bushy, and they stay healthy and look beautiful.

I do this professionally so I don’t have time to mess around. I make sure that whatever I’m using is going to work.

I also use Big Bud, Bud Candy, and the A&B products.

Every time I use them I know my crops are getting quality nutrients and I know I’m going to have a great-looking crop.”

Dre N

“There’s Nothing Better on the Market”

“My first few grows had less-than-desirable results. But when I started using Advanced Nutrients’ Sensi Bloom nine months ago, I saw immediate results.

So much so that I added Rhino Skin, Bud Ignitor, the Cal-Mag, Overdrive, Piranha and the entire Advanced line.

Dumping them into my grows I started getting some of the best products around.

I grew an autoflower with Advanced that tested at 25.4% THC, which is pretty damn good for some auto-flowering stuff.”

And now I won’t grow with anything else.

Joe Bischof

“50% Increase in My Yields”

“I’ve been buying and using Advanced Nutrients for six or seven years now.

I’ve tried other products, but they’re not as consistent as Advanced Nutrients.

And Advanced’s pH Perfect technology is a time-saver — no more adjusting to fluctuating pH’s week after week or having to worry about lockouts.

Just pour and see the results yourself.

The Carboload is also amazing. I’ve seen a 40 or 50% increase in my yields and I have the stats to prove that.

I love Advanced Nutrients. I’ll only buy Advanced Nutrients. They’ve always been consistent.”

Juliano Zanetti

“50% Increase in My Yields”

“We specialize in growing terpene-oriented strains to help combat veterans with PTSD. Just about our entire regimen is Advanced and every product has served us extremely well. We love them all.

Advanced is pharmaceutically blended so we can give the patients the best ingredients and quality possible.

It’s an awesome way for us to control our system, keep the pH stable, get phenomenal, clean finishes and consistently deliver the safest, highest-quality, medical grade product to the patients every time.

I don’t see us changing anything else in the future. Growing with Advanced Nutrients is a home run all the way around.”

Zachary Walker and Joshua Daif
Lifted Valley Farms

“Flowers are PACKED in Just 3 Weeks — Our Stalks Are HUMONGOUS”

“We run the entire line of Advanced Nutrients as first-year growers. I I can’t say enough about how well our plants do on Advanced Nutrients.

We’re in week three flowers right now and flowers are PACKED.

My favorite is Rhino Skin. Our stalks are HUMONGOUS.

We cut clones from all of our plants and all the clones are rooted with no problem. Most of them are rooted within three days.

With Advanced Nutrients and you’re going to see the difference.

And they have GREAT customer service.”

Kory Richey

“I’ll Never EVER Use Athena Again”

“I’ve been using Advanced probably for the last 10 to 12 years, and I’ve always been very happy with it. There’s a lot of hype from Athena so I gave it a try. I did one cycle and I’ll never ever use Athena again.

With Athena, we were feeding up to three EC, and that was just going through huge amounts of salts. After we added it all up, we were paying probably twice as much going with Athena.

So we saved money using the Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur line. No more Athena for us.

In my experience with the Athena versus the Advanced line, especially Connoisseur, is we’ve got some plants that are adjusted to this 1.5 EC feeding perfectly fine, and then we have other plants getting the same EC feed and having single-blade, over-nitrogenated, and therefore all types of problems are going to persist here. With the Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur line, this stuff doesn’t happen. Everything’s consistent. Which is why I’m switching back.

My cannabis with Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur is significantly better. It’s just more greasy, more nose.

Normally, we use Advanced Nutrient’s Bud Blood when we flip, and that would have prevented a lot of chaos and basic overgrowth problems we’ve had with Athena, where lot of stuff fell under the canopy that we normally wouldn’t be dealing with with Advanced.

And with Athena, we definitely noticed salt rings around the top of the pot, and coming out the bottom drainage holes, and that’s not something we’d generally ever see with Connoisseur. The salts just don’t build up like that, so that’s another reason I’m switching back. It’s just easier to flush, easier to maintain, and you don’t need to flush nearly as much when I’m using Advanced Nutrients. With Athena, since they’re pure salts, you have to be really careful, and you can’t let your media dry out, or you’re going to be in trouble.

With Advanced Nutrient’s Connoisseur, it’s a lot more forgiving, and everything you’re feeding us going to be absorbed by the plant instead of just flushing salts into the environment. Most people try to get dry backs to about 40 to 50% soil moisture. Anything beyond that, you know, if you go down to 30, you’re going to have permanent damage with Athena, whereas hey, you made a mistake, your worker missed a pot or a dripper got clogged and your media dried out, you’re not going to be in as much trouble as you would be with Athena.

Brian Zimmerman
Emerald Coast Genetics

“I Love Advanced Nutrients Products”

“I have been growing for three seasons now and have been using Advanced Nutrients since my first season.

I used a lot of products in the first one as a control to find the right product to use, and the best plants turned out to be the ones using the Advanced Nutrients products.

My favorite is the Tarantula. I love germinating seeds. Just a few drops during a tape-paper towel process will get you some really nice taproots with some fuzzy lateral growth.

I also like the Rhino Skin with the additional silica. You’ll get incredibly sturdy plants using it.

The Flawless Finish also gives you a great finish.

We grew some wonderful strawberry cough cultivars last year. The Bud Candy added quite a flavor to it.”

Justin Corner

“Bigger, Healthier, More Root Growth… It Does What It Says It Does”

“I am a licensed caretaker and have been growing medical grade cannabis for the past 12 years for family, friends and medical patients.

I use a number of nutrients from Advanced Nutrients including Big Bud, Overdrive, Bud Candy, Tarantula, Piranha, and Voodoo Juice.

It’s been nothing but good. Big Bud gave me bigger buds. I used Overdrive and the grow finished nicer. I added Voodoo Juice, Piranha, and Tarantula and the stalks got bigger, healthier, and had more root growth.

Every time I use Advanced Nutrients, it does what it says it does.”

Dane Nielsen

Licensed Caretaker

“As Beautiful As The Cover Of The Cannabis Encyclopedia”

“I’ve been germinating fresh plants and getting new recruits in just one to three days. If I didn’t have Ancient Earth, it would take me weeks and months to get a new plant.

I also had a plant that was having trouble. But when I used the pH Perfect nutrients, it had big support during a flush for the bottom.

The pH Perfect is the only nutrient I would ever use for indoor and outdoor plants because it’s the absolute best.

I also use Voodoo Juice and spray it on my plant’s roots. Instead of curling up, the crop grew nice, white, and long. I also sprayed Voodoo Juice on the leaves and it cleaned it off. We put it in some fresh soil and the plant was happy.

Without Advanced Nutrient products, I would have a subpar one ounce. With this stuff, I believe I have a chance to get the full 16 ounces, one pound per seed. Especially with the upgrade on lights.

I also use the Overdrive for advanced flowering and floral clusters. With the Overdrive, you not only get a masterpiece but a Picasso.

My flowers are so beautiful and I’m proud to show their growth and pictures to my friends.

They’re just as beautiful as the cover of The Cannabis Encyclopedia.

I would not have this kind of growth without BigMike and Advanced Nutrients. Thank you!”

Andrew J Gazley

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“DEFINITELY the Biggest Buds I’ve Grown”

“I use the Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice and the Big Bud for 25 days for my White Strawberry.

The buds are DEFINITELY the biggest buds I’ve grown to date and we’re only halfway through.

This is my first run actually using both of these products.

I’m really impressed with these genetics as well as these nutrients.

Absolutely magnificent. I’m beyond impressed with this.”

Jacques Wise

“Increases Yields By Over 50%”

“My favorite product with Advanced Nutrients is Bud Ignitor.

It increases our yields by probably over 50%. If you look at a plant that you use this Bud Ignitor with and you compare it to a plant that does not have it, it’s a world of difference.

I’m a huge fan of all Advanced Nutrients’ stuff.

I’ve made a huge investment into Advanced Nutrients and it’s been a huge improvement for me and my yields.”


“Growing Quality and Voluptuous Cannabis Is Now Easy… Thanks, Advanced Nutrients”

“I’ve been growing cannabis for 10 years, but it wasn’t always so easy.

Thank you, BigMike and Advanced Nutrients for making it possible for small guys, like me, to grow good quality cannabis and use your pH perfect technology.

I always follow your instructions so I can use your nutrients properly. With that, I get voluptuous, quality, and awesome medicine for that strain.

You guys have literally changed the game and made growing simple.

Cannabis is more than just medicine to me. It has done so many things for me and the people around me;.

Advanced Nutrients has been part of that the whole time.

You make growing cannabis rewarding beyond rewarding.”

Kyle Anderson

“Hands Down the Best Products that Can Give Us Incredible Results”

“When we first started cultivating marijuana, we didn’t really know much about what we were doing.

We knew we wanted to use all organic but we didn’t know exactly what to get. The guy in Springfield, Missouri, told us we might want to try Advanced Nutrients.

We went ahead and bought the whole line and used them on our first grow. It came out really good.

Then we heard of Bud Ignitor and Overdrive. Even though they’re not organic, we decided to use them. Both Bud ignitor and Overdrive are two of the best products you could ever buy, hands down.

I’m glad we added them to our line and we got incredible results.

Thank you very much. Keep doing what you’re doing, BigMike and the crew at Advanced Nutrients. God bless you all.”

Kyle Buell

“Green, Healthy, and Shiny Flowers Almost Every Time”

“I always recommend Advanced Nutrients to every farm I go to. We always have success.

You can see it in the shape of the flowers.

They’re shiny. They’re green. They’re healthy. They’re not weak. They’re strong.

They’re POWERFUL.”

Luis M Pelayo

“Has The Best Terpene Profile and Flavor”

“I’ve been using Advanced Nutrients for about six months.

Flawless Finish is one of the great products I use when I’m flushing my plants. It helps me get the best terpene profiles and good flavor from the weed.

Another product that I like is Revive. I use this as a foliar spray when I find that my plants are needing a little bit more.

I also use Grow and Micro Bloom to feed my plants along with some Cal-Mag and a little bit of Microbial Munch.

I find that these work very well and they just pump out really nice nitrogen levels and green plants.

Advanced Nutrients products are so great.”

Braedon Schweigert

“Other Nutrients Cannot Replicate The Advanced Nutrients Results”

“I absolutely love Advanced Nutrients. I have not been able to replicate the results with other nutrients that are on the market.

A few of my favorite products are the Sensi Grow and the Sensi Bloom. I always make sure I have these big jugs on deck and ready to rock and roll.

My favorite out of my collection is the Voodoo Juice. I use Voodoo Juice with clones. Whether I’m cloning anything for the garden, it’s just amazing and I get the fastest results.

I have tried dozens of other root stimulators, only Voodoo Juice does the trick.”

Corey Farmer

“Easy To Use and Have Top-Notch Ingredients”

“Thanks, Advanced Nutrients for making the pH Perfect® line. It gave me an opportunity to grow and have great results even though I don’t know what I’m doing. The whole system is really easy to use.

I bought my Advanced Nutrients at my local store. Since using it, it has kept me growing.

The B-52 stands out soon as you introduce it at its first feeding. It shines all through vegetables and especially during flower and bloom.

The BigMike’s Tasty Terpenes bulks up the buds. It makes them nice and dense and frosty.

Honestly, the whole line’s my favorite.

Thank you Advanced for making these products and using great ingredients.


Frankie Cruz

“The Best Thing Going”

“I took over a grow for one of my buddies, and he was using the GH Flora 3-part.

The GH went out-of-stocked so I switched to the Jungle Juice. The transition was smooth and the bloom didn’t have any compatibility issues with the GH Grow.

Once it hit the flowering stage, I used the other advanced additives — the Big Bud, the Bud Candy, the Overdrive.

It was one of the best crops to date. It was larger plants, hand-fed in five-gallon pots, and pro mix.

To those planning to switch over to Advanced Nutrients, use their Jungle Juice product. This is the best thing going on right now. “


“It Gives the Buds Super Frostiness All Over Them”

Bud Factor X is one of my favorite products by Advanced Nutrients. I put it towards the end, during flower. And it gives the buds super frostiness all over them.

It tastes super good.

Every time someone tastes my weed they always are telling me, “Oh my gosh, how did you do this? How did you grow it?

And it’s really just Advanced Nutrients and the lights.

This stuff is literally the best thing on the market right now for giving the buds the frostiness that they need.”


“Advanced Nutrients Solved My pH Problems
— My Girls Love It, I Love It”

“I’ve been using Advanced Nutrients products for a little over a year and a half.

I had all kinds of pH problems when using other brands.

Our local hydro store recommended I use it. I tried and I’m now stuck on it.

I use everything from Piranha to Flawless Finish from start to finish veg and bloom.

My girls love it. I love it.”

Patrick Gedroic

“Very Easy, Clean, and Convenient — High-Quality Yields”

“I recently purchased the entire lineup of Advanced Nutrients.

It’s been roughly three and a half months and I can’t tell you how happy I am with this product.

Very easy, clean, and convenient to use.

Whether you’re a new grower or you’re an old grower and you want to try something new, I really do suggest trying out Advanced Nutrients. It will not let you down.

I’m very happy. I am used to very high-quality yields and this product will definitely get you there.”

Chris Greenside

“Only Four Weeks of Flowers and Already Frosty”

“I’ve been growing a little bit over a year now and I use Advanced Nutrients’ whole line of products.

My plants are at the beginning of four weeks of flower and they are already frosty.

Thanks to Andy and John in Grower Support and BigMike, who came up with these superior products.

Nothing but the best, Advanced Nutrients.”

Brian Williams

“Makes Things Simpler”

“I’m using Advanced Nutrients and it’s probably one of the best I’ve been using so far.

They have a three-part solution: Grow, Micro, Bloom and I just love them.

Big Buds is exactly what it says it is. You get bigger buds on your cannabis plants and it works really well.

I also had a lot of pH problems so I decided to go with the brand that has pH perfect technology.

Advanced Nutrients makes things simpler. You just get rid of all the old pH pens that always go bad. It gives you pH perfect every time.

Thank you Advanced Nutrients for putting out some boss products!”

Jean-Marc Beausoleil

Duncan Hunter - Green Bull Farms, Southern Oregon - Advanced Nutrients feedback“Advanced Nutrients Allows Us to Focus on Looking after The Plant, Instead of Looking after What’s WRONG with the Plant”

“If you look at our 4,000-plant outdoor farm in the Oregon Sunbelt, you can see what Advanced Nutrients is doing for us—uniformity, vibrancy, consistency in our canopy, etc. Our average yield is 3-4 pounds per plant.

It takes a lot of high-quality nutrients to make everything work with a farm this size. And that’s why we rely on the best—Advanced Nutrients.

We feed from two 5,000-gallon tanks of fresh river water. We stir the nutrients in the tanks with a pump system. From there, we directly shoot it out into the garden with a two-inch pipe, where we have five different strain-specific sections.

We’ve seen strong yield results with both powdered and liquid Big Bud. And Bud Factor X is the icing on the cake. We’ve also seen substantial growth with BigMike’s Tasty Terpenes. I’m talking about visible growth within 12 hours.

And whenever plants get stressed—like happened with some recent rains that cause nutrient deficiencies—I like to do foliar feeding. Case studies show that plants absorb nutrients at about 10X the rate of roots.

But with foliar feeding, using high-end nutrients is key. You want something low on urea and metals. Which is why, again, we rely on Advanced.

For foliar feeding, I use Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra, B-52, and Rhino Skin (which seems to mitigate mold) and have seen drastic growth results with this. I’m able to get lime-green plants to turn dark green right away.

In the past, we invested a lot of direct labor into cleaning emitters and other irrigation components. Adding Sensizym allowed us to mitigate these issues. It works great for plant growth and you no longer have to do all the maintenance on the irrigation lines.

Advanced Nutrients is the best. The line allows us to focus on looking after the plant, instead of looking after what’s wrong with the plant.

And the company supports us in all ways, always. We appreciate the customer support and always get the knowledge we need when we call.”

Duncan Hunter
Green Bull Farms, Southern Oregon

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